13 Cam-Like Horror Movies Every Mystery Lover Must See

Most of the movies on this list could be called “Body Double,” with all the duplicitous lookalikes shoving around. But director Brian de Palma is, ultimately, inimitable…an ironic fact given that much of the author’s career has been spent writing cinematic love letters or veiled reviews to Dario Argento and Alfred Hitchcock. Although we’ve been here before with films like “Peeping Tom”, “Rear Window” and “Deep Red” – films that offer a spicy confluence of voyeurism, murder and mystery – de Palma’s take is (especially ) all its own.

Released in 1984 (this film is probably the more 1980s film never made), “Body Double” follows Jake Scully (Craig Wasson), an aspiring actor who suffers from claustrophobia. After Jake accidentally stumbles upon his wife cheating on him, he manages to get off the barstool and look for a place to crash. Luckily, a chance meeting with a friend of a friend brings Jake up with one hell of a house-sitting gig: in a massive panopticon-like apartment overlooking the Hollywood Hills. Oh, and apparently the apartment has a unique perk: a gorgeous neighbor to die for with…exhibitionist tendencies. Soon, Jake finds himself embroiled in a dangerous domestic game, as he begins to suspect that his neighbor’s life might be in danger.

Although “Body Double” does not feature webcams or live streams, the film is adamantly concerned with the performative aspect of sex work and the wider Hollywood machine. For more on how “body doubles” figure into all of this, just take a look at this kinky gem of bananas.

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