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Editor’s Note: This article is not sponsored by Canva nor is it an endorsement of Northern Star as an organization.

Canva, an Australian website, is known for its graphic design and provides tools that can help create social media graphics, presentations, posters, documents and more.

Teachers can use Canva to educate their students about digital design, and many organizations can use it to create flyers to promote themselves. Other useful tools available include invitations, business cards, flyers, lessons, and many other professional templates.

On the website you can publish your own templates. You can use Canva to create unique content for your social media accounts like Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram. Canva can be used to enhance cover photos and branding to draw your target audience’s attention to your product, blog or landing page.

The founders of Canva are Melanie Perkins, Cliff Obrecht and Cameron Adams. This app was founded in 2012 in Perth, Australia.

Perkin’s goal was to create designs accessible to everyone. This idea came to mind when Perkins taught other students how to use difficult design programs to make things easier for others. Perkins and Obrecht got to work creating an easy-to-use program, according to a CNBC article.

Kayla Stowe, a psychology student who has used Canva in the past, shared her experience and early thoughts. “I started using Canva in high school, it was easy to use because it was similar in format to Adobe Graphic Design,” Stowe said. “People who want to create posters or flyers, for parties and organizations, should use Canva because it would be nice to look at and the app is simple to use.”

Stowe said that depending on your specialization, this app can be put to good use, such as for art. She thinks STEM students probably don’t need Canva, but knowing how to use it is still a good skill.

“I started using Canva about two or three years ago,” said AJ Justalero, an illustration art specialist. “At first I thought it was super simple and very easy for people new to graphic design or anyone who needed to do something but didn’t necessarily want to make a career out of it.”

Justalero said she uses Canva for classes that require her to give presentations or if she needs to do some quick designs for her projects. “I’ve always had good grades using Canva,” Justalero said.

If you’re looking to spice up your presentations and get good grades, Canva might be worth checking out. Canva membership is free and offers over 25,000 free templates.

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