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Looking for tools to create and design your company or brand logo? Did you know of the existence of logo generators? You are in the right place ! A logo is a realistic graphic that distinguishes an organization, company or product. A logo is much more than a mark used to indicate your paternity in relation to the products or tools that you offer. Therefore, in order for a logo to look attractive and successful, you need to know what are the easiest tools for its creation or which designer websites offer this service.

During the process of creating a logo, it is very important that it is readable, that it can be adapted to the required size, reproducible without material restrictions, distinguishable, both positively and negatively, and memorable so that it impacts users and they don’t. forget it, and adaptable, because it is of great relevance that it works in different media. Also, if you want to invest some money in creating your brand or business logo, you have the option of doing this work yourself or hiring the services of a graphic design company.

There are currently an immense number of tools that are used to create and design logos manually and easily, allowing you to customize the templates as you wish until you find the design that best suits your business model. . However, if you find it tedious to perform this task or you do not have the design knowledge required for it, we recommend that you hire a graphic design professional who will know how to shape the logo. For this reason, I recommend the DesignEvo logo maker, both free and paid, so you can get your logo in minutes.

What is DesignEvo?

DesignEvo is a free online logo maker with over 10,000 professional templates that can bring your brand logo design to life in minutes. It allows the download of files in high quality SVG and PDF format. It is customizable and has over 100 fonts for your logo typography. Moreover, it allows you to choose the type of logo you want to design from different categories if you need to plan from different classes.

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The components of a logo


To get started with your ideal logo, you must first understand what our logo contains. It will constantly depend on the style you want to create and what you like to show in your logo design. For example, you can select a modern, minimalist aesthetic and stick with that style. Then you will conclude what components are presented to create your logo.

  • Colors: You have to choose them wisely in light of the fact that our brain’s programmed affiliation while seeing a variety will fundamentally impact what you should project with your logo. Research the brain science of variety and be sure to pick the ones that are closest to your thoughts, but don’t mishandle them! Choose a maximum of 4 colors.
  • Icons: You can incorporate a graphic related to your brand, so it will be easier to indicate what you offer, and it will also be a way for them to recognize your business just by seeing that symbol or icon that you choose.
  • The typography : The typography of the word that will bear your name. You can choose a textual style that looks provincial and conspicuous or a cursive and sensible style. You will find hundreds of predefined fonts in DesignEvo! Moreover, it will all depend on the style you like to drive. Choose the one that best characterizes you.

Create a logo in 5 minutes

Getting started on DesignEvo won’t take you long. With a large number of resources and an intuitive interface, anyone can create a logo in less than 5 minutes. Let’s see how to create a logo in DesignEvo.

1. Choose a predefined logo design


Select the template that best suits your business. You can search for a keyword to find templates related to your business theme. Alternatively, you can take inspiration from these professionally created templates and create your own design from a blank template.

After choosing a template, you can modify it to your liking.

2. Highly customize the design


With the template selected, you already have a foundation for the logo, and it will guide the rest of the visual composition, typography, color palette, structure, graphic style, and more.

It’s time to edit the template and customize it. Click on the texts and images you want to change to change the company name, slogan and other data.

Replace Icon

The Icon button is used to find icons, designs, and any visual elements you need. It’s intuitive and you can scroll through category options: circle, YouTube, star, crown, game, heart, book and many more.


This function allows you to add text. There is a wide variety of fonts and styles. Be guided by the established designs to combine different typefaces.

If you have already made a design, it is possible that at some point this question will arise:

DesignEvo also gives you the ability to select an icon or text and place it directly anywhere in the workplace. Another good thing about DesignEvo is that it has built-in spatial guides that will tell you if everything is centered.

There is a Shift button to capitalize text. Also, you will find the “Text Spacing” button to scale if you want more or less space between the letters of your words.


This button allows you to add an original background to your design. DesignEvo lets you create a gradient or a solid color for your logo. If you want, you can also make the background color transparent.

Other adjustments
  • Opacity: This function allows you to scale the degree of transparency of the image or text you select. It’s about trying to see what effect you get by blurring the background or an image that doesn’t need as much prominence.
  • Move layers forward or backward: Inside the tool you have a “Back” button to move this layer to the background or “Forward” to overlay it.

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3. Preview and download the final logo


Once your logo looks the way you envisioned it in your head, you need to prepare for final revisions.

If you want to see what your logo will look like after printing it on t-shirts or business cards, placing it on a website, notebook or marketing materials, click the “Preview” button at the top to the right.

Once you are happy with the design, that would be great. Congratulations! You have already finished your logo in DesignEvo. All you have to do is download the file in JPG, PNG, PDF or SVG format. Press the “Download” button, select the format and press “Download”.

Why Choose DesignEvo Logo Maker?


Individuals and small teams looking for an integrated tool to create stunning logos and social media profile pictures to maintain brand consistency should use DesignEvo’s Logo Maker.

  • DesignEvo is a logo maker tool that even people without design knowledge can use. With over 10,000 built-in template libraries, DesignEvo makes it easy to create high-quality images for your business, even for non-designers.
  • It provides millions of icons, many shapes and many other options to make your logo unique.
  • The finished designs look amazing, which can help you attract potential customers to create more logos for them.
  • DesignEvo has a free plan. It offers you the possibility to create and download logos for free.
  • You can save your logo online and re-edit it at any time.
  • It gives users the option to preview the final result of the logo on different mockups. It’s very useful.
  • Small teams that want to create a high-quality design without hiring a designer should use DesignEvo. Large companies looking to create designs for branding should also do so.

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Logos set web design trends and become owners and lords of many web pages, blogs or online stores. Remember that a logo is used so that users can identify your brand or business model, so it is extremely important that it has a very attractive design. This way it will be a success.

Just as this feature is necessary, so is creating a well-designed professional logo with which you can differentiate yourself from the competition. Since many of the logos offered in the logo maker tool are pre-designed templates that have already been used by thousands of users, I recommend that you find the one that suits you best and modify it heavily to make it unique.

What did you think of our guide to DesignEvo? Have you considered hiring a professional graphic designer? Do you have doubts or questions? Then I ask you to leave a comment. It doesn’t matter if it’s a question or a simple thank you, but I’ll be very happy to read it and answer it.

Try the DesignEvo logo maker


Ease of use





Individuals and small teams looking for an integrated tool to create stunning logos and social media profile pictures to maintain brand consistency should use DesignEvo’s Logo Maker.

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