Add a little funk to your home with contemporary pieces designed by the Campana Brothers of Brazil

The Campana Brothers are well known for their work with brass, and this collection of items is no exception (by 1st Dibs). Sleek sconces, textured vases, and structural lights in the shimmering material can provide a funky accent and a touch of mid-century modern flair. Simpler offerings include the designers’ Kaledios geometric wall light, designed to act as a mirror and reflect the golden tones of polished brass on its hinged panels. It sells on 1st Dibs for around $6,000. In contrast to the relative minimalism of the Kaledios, the duo upped the drama with their all-brass Jackfruit table lamp, which has been perforated to mimic the look of leaves and retails for just over $2,500.

The creations of the brothers are not limited to simple decoration. The collection also includes statement furniture. The duo’s work with unusual textures and materials has resulted in pieces that sit on the border between function and art. With items ranging from the expertly tangled rope seat of the Vermelha armchair for around $5,000 to the aquarium-inspired Aquario cabinet for around $20,000, the designers have added a unique twist to common household necessities.

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