Andy Muschietti unveiled the new Flash logo

Flash will represent a paradigm shift in the DC Extended Universe. The hero’s ability to travel between dimensions and through time will lead to a reconstruction that the leaders of Warner come with good eyes. In this sense, the fans who claim it SnyderVerse they will surely be somewhat disappointed by the departure of the creative proposal of Zack Snyder.

The next film of the Scarlet corridor be inspired by the graphic novel Breaking point where the hero travels to the past to save his mother’s life and with his act changes the reality of the present. Now the Atlanteans are at war with the Amazons, Thomas Wayne is a violent Batman and his wife Martha the Joker. Superman is a prisoner of the government. However, Muschietti’s film is not rumored to be a literal adaptation of this work.

They presented the new Flash logo

Early information indicates that Sparkle I would have contact with characters from alternate realities. that’s how Michael Keaton in the Batman it will be part of the film. Ben affleck will also give life to the Black Knight on this tape. Taking advantage of the hype, Muschietti previously shared an image of Keaton’s blood-spattered costume in the best style. Watchmen.

It is now the turn of the film’s protagonist. The filmmaker revealed an image of the new logo which Barry allen, interpreted by Ezra Miller, will have in your costume. The radius adorning a circle on a textured surface invites one to imagine the rest of the room. So far, the DC hero costumes have been excellent.

The truth is that many are waiting for this film which seems to be the most ambitious project in the world. DCEU since Zack Snyder Justice League. There have been changes of directors and a lot of mystery behind a plot that may be changing the world of DC in the cinema forever. The fans? In expectation.

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