Armory Design Plans Revealed – Southern Standard

The architectural design for our new National Guard Armory was released Friday by the Southern Standard, offering the first glimpse of a $12.5 million facility that is slated for completion next summer.

The main building will feature a two-story lobby in the front and a sprawling glass wall in the back to give a contemporary feel. It should be an LED certified project and an energy efficiency model.

“It will have the best in energy efficiency when it comes to its heating, cooling and lighting systems,” said architect David Hunter of Design House 1411 in Nashville. “The goal is to get LED certification from the gun shop, but that’s a much more difficult achievement when you’re working in a rural space.”

Also of note, Hunter said, are the glass windows at the rear of the armory.

“The expansive glass wall will face south so it’s not visible from the street,” Hunter said. “It’s intentional. People using this facility will have a modern glass building on one side.

The new armory will be located on 22 acres on Manchester Highway next to Security Federal and Reddick Brown Ford.

The facility will include a large garage-type building with bay doors that will be used for training exercises and repairs on military vehicles. A number of military vehicles should be kept on the property.

Sain Construction in Manchester is building the armoury. According to the current schedule, the crews should start pouring the concrete at the beginning of August and the erection of the steel should start at the end of August.

The current projection is to be completed around August 2023.

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