ASRock’s New B650 LiveMixer Motherboard Features Splash-Like Design

AMD’s new Ryzen 7000 series “Zen 4” processors are almost here, as are the X670 and B650 series motherboards, where we now see the interesting new B650 LiveMixer motherboard from ASRock.


The new ASRock B650 LiveMixer motherboard has been spotted, leaked with a single image showing its design which is…well…interesting, to say the least. I actually really love the design and hope ASRock uses UV paint that would light up in the right light inside a PC…that would be crazy.

ASRock’s new B650 LiveMixer is shown here in non-E B650 form, so we should expect either a PCIe 5.0 graphics card or an SSD, not both: something the “Extreme” version’s chipset offers . ASRock most likely goes with a 16+2+1 VRM design, two EPS power connectors, and one full-size PCIe 5.0 x16 slot and two x4 (PCIe 4.0) slots.

AMD’s new midrange Ryzen 5 7600X processor with its 6 cores and 12 threads of Zen 4 CPU power up to 5.3 GHz will only cost $299, so mixing it with the ASRock B650 LiveMixer motherboard might be quite the powerful midrange processor + mobo combo. We should expect more details on ASRock’s new B650 LiveMixer motherboard next month, as AMD has officially announced that its new B650 series of motherboards will be launched in October.

The new B650E chipset ushers in PCIe 5.0 for the mainstream, because the big difference between “E” and “non-E” motherboards – where the E stands for “Extreme” is PCIe 5.0 for GPUs and SSDs… not just one or the other. AMD will provide PCIe 5.0 lanes to at least one of the M.2 slots, while providing a full 16 lanes to PCIe 5.0-based graphics cards.

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If you skipped buying the Ryzen 5000 series “Zen 3” processors and X570 and B550 motherboards, then AMD just offered the whole upgrade with the new Ryzen 7000 series “Zen 4” processors and especially the new B650E and B650 motherboards. The new AM5 socket, DDR5 memory support, PCIe 5.0 GPU and PCIe 5.0 SSD support (one or both depending on whether you get the “Extreme” version of Apple’s new 600 series chipset AMD) is awesome to see from Team Red.

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