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FAIRMONT– Fairmont City Council took steps Monday to move forward with a design team for the Fairmont area community center project.

City Administrator Cathy Reynolds said: “As we continue to try to engage our design team for the community center, the city issued the RFP (request for proposals) for an architect/engineer in February 2022.”

She said she had received nine proposals from companies interested in the project. The nine were narrowed down to three companies that were interviewed on April 14.

Based on the interviews, city staff and Tegra, the city owner’s representative, recommended moving forward with 292 Design Group.

Reynolds said the recommendation was presented to the community center advisory board last week, which agreed and recommended that the board approve the selection of 292 as the architect/engineer for the proposed community center.

“With approval, we would move forward with contract negotiations and bring a contract back to the board hopefully at the next meeting,” said Reynolds.

She said two of the three companies included local contractors and that Bolton and Menk were one of them and would do some of the engineering work with 292 Design Group.

In a 14-to-1 vote, with council member Wayne Hasek voting no, council approved the selection of 292 Design Group as the architect/engineer for the proposed community center.

Next, the council considered selecting a construction manager for the proposed community center project. Reynolds said staff had already completed the Community Center Construction Manager’s RFP and went through a review and interview process and recommended moving forward with Kraus-Anderson.

“When we presented this to the board, that’s when the board decided they wanted to go ahead with appointing an owner’s representative, which we did by bringing in Tegra”, said Reynolds.

She said that now that architecture/engineering is moving forward and Tegra’s position is established, the recommendation to approve construction management services with Kraus-Anderson is back on the table.

Council member Britney Kawecki asked if the RFP was for a construction manager at risk. Reynolds said the RFP was for an at-risk construction manager, but the RFP also included space for companies to include cost proposals for the construction manager as an advisor.

“Tegra has reviewed this and reviewed it…they know Kraus-Anderson and agree with the recommendation and consider it a risky construction manager,” said Reynolds.

Kawecki asked if all of the candidates interviewed had provided financial information for the construction manager as an advisor.

“I don’t believe they all did it and I can’t remember if anyone else submitted duplicate proposals, but it was there and allowed anyone to submit them if they wanted to. wished”, said Reynolds.

Kawecki said that when she contacted different sources, she discovered that the director of risky construction automatically eliminates 60% of companies that can submit a proposal.

“I just want to make sure we get the best possible candidates to even submit proposals,” said Kawecki.

She mentioned RJM, who had already done design work for the proposed community center several years ago and asked if the proposal was for the construction manager at risk or as an adviser.

“The proposal was put at risk by the construction manager. Based on questions, we told them they could submit cost proposals for the construction manager as an advisor. Tegra has reviewed these elements. Tegra is on board and recommends Kraus-Anderson,” said Reynolds.

Reynolds said once the selection is approved by the board, the contract will be brought back to the board for approval.

In a 4-1 vote, with Hasek voting no, the board approved moving forward with Kraus-Anderson for construction manager services for the proposed community center.

“Thank you Kraus-Anderson for staying with us. They have a long history of business relationships with our city, school district, and other entities,” said Mayor Deb Foster.

Moving on to other matters, a public hearing was held regarding a rezoning application by Kreuger Realty, Inc. for 1800 State Hwy 15 S. It is currently zoned single family residential R-1.

Reynolds said on April 5, the planning commission met and held a public hearing for the application. The commission reviewed the application for rezoning to B-1 or R-3 neighborhood business for multi-family residences. She said the commission recommended rezoning it to R-3.

No one spoke at Monday evening’s public hearing. Council member Bruce Peters asked why R-3 was preferred.

“They were looking at the mixed-use area in the neighborhood and looking at what was there. Our current zoning code has nothing really in line with the mixed-use neighborhood…R-3 was seen as being more in line with the current progression of homes there,” said Reynolds.

Council approved the rezoning of the property to R-3.

In another action, the council approved eight different event permits for upcoming community events taking place from May to August.

“There’s a lot going on in the city and it’s a joy to do it,” Foster said he approved the permits.

In other news:

-City Engineer Troy Nemmers said there will be an open house for the new Public Works building from 4-6 p.m. on May 19. The new facility is located at 801 E. Margaret St.

– Reynolds reminded that code enforcement is complete as the snow melts. She encouraged residents to make sure they engage in spring cleaning and that yards are picked up.

– Reynolds reviewed highlights of the Municipal Services Annual Report for fiscal year 2021. Reynolds shared that some copies of the report will be available at City Hall and the power point will be posted on the local access.

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