Bradley Dack stars in Olivia Attwood’s Getting Filthy Rich

Olivia Attwood’s new documentary Getting Filthy Rich, which explores the modern world of ‘selling sex’, is due to air this week – and Blackburn Rovers player Bradley Dack is due to make an appearance.

Speaking to her 1.9 million Instagram followers in a Q&A, Olivia confirmed her fiancé will “make a few appearances” on ITV2’s four-part series.

This was also confirmed by ITV, who featured the Rovers midfielder in a teaser clip from the first episode.

In the clip, Olivia can be seen trying to encourage Bradley to create an OnlyFans account, a website where people share photos and videos with followers.

Olivia said, “I think you’d do well there, Brad. You have a nice kit.

“I would, yes,” Dack replied.

Olivia Attwood says Bradley Dack will be in Getting Filthy Rich

In Getting Filthy Rich, Olivia will immerse herself in the rapidly expanding world of selling sexual content online, to uncover the reality of this phenomenon for the growing number of people who make a living this way.

Video clips show the former Love Island star throwing herself into the experiment, creating her own OnlyFans account and selling pictures of her underwear.

She also makes an appearance in an adult film.

Produced by Optomen TV, the new series Getting Filthy Rich explores this new, seemingly emancipated sex industry, which over the past 18 months of lockdown has exploded into the mainstream.

Comfortable and respectable housewives have discovered that it is possible to make money seemingly easily, without the need to establish physical contact, by connecting with men on social networks, who pay to exchange messages , watch sexy pictures and watch clips.

As sites like OnlyFans grow into billion-dollar industries, the number of people turning to this form of work is expected to continue to grow.

Believing the internet to be a safe space to pose nude, one in five UK students now consider using their bodies online to earn extra money.

Young mums are reportedly earning £1,000 a day as camgirls – people who perform live on web cams while people watch and communicate.

20-year-old ‘Sugar Babies’ are given free expensive gifts, cash and even international luxury vacations – usually by wealthy, older men in exchange for sexual favors – and former nurses are said to earn up to at £30,000 per month. Only fans.

become very rich [WT]Olivia takes viewers to various fields, such as “Sugar Babies”, “Cam Girls”, amateur pornstars and OnlyFans Creators who can earn thousands every month from their loyal subscribers.

Lured by the promise of making a quick buck without having to physically interact with their “customers” and without intermediaries forcing anyone to do what they don’t want, these new empowered, independent women often start out looking for little more than a secondary hustle, but can become addicted to the wealth and fame that follows.

This series will uncover if the promise of easy money is real, wondering if the new sex trade is as harmless as it seems, and if there are any consequences to becoming an online sex symbol.

Olivia said: “A few years ago, the idea that many ordinary women would soon be making a living selling sexual content online might have seemed a bit extraordinary.

“Now it’s becoming mainstream and some of the money made would be huge.

“I’m absolutely fascinated to find out what it’s like for those involved and to step into that world to reveal it all.”

The series is commissioned for ITV2 and ITV Hub by Kate Teckman, Head of Factual Entertainment Development and Factual Entertainment Commissioner for ITV.

Kate said: “Starring exciting new talent Olivia Attwood, this series aims to give insight into the reality behind the phenomenon of selling sexual content online which has burst into the lives of so many people who don’t. never considered making money this way. .

“We’ve all seen the headlines about how much money is made, but with Olivia immersing herself in different areas of this rapidly changing and rapidly expanding industry, this series will provide a vivid picture of the experience of making a living. in this world.”

The first episode of Getting Filthy Rich will air on Tuesday July 5 on ITV2 at 10 p.m.

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