Cam girl, 46, bombarded with attention by men half her age

A mom who works as a cam model has revealed all the secrets of the trade, revealing that she is being picked up by men the same age as her son.

Ainslee Divine, 46, from Arizona in the United States, started her own million dollar real estate company, before turning to camera work.

Ainslee Divine, 46, from Arizona, US, says she’s bombarded with attention by men half her age. Photo: Media Drum World / australscope

Since becoming a cam girl, Ainslee earns three times as much as she did as a real estate agent, sets her own hours and even splurged on a Porsche 911 Turbo S Cabriolet, worth of at least $ 300,000.

In 2016, several producers approached the mother of one child and asked her if she had ever considered working on the camera.

Ainslee was intrigued by the opportunity, so she went shopping for gear and went live with her first cam session in October of the same year.

USA Cam girl Ainslee

Ainslee earns three times more working as a cam girl than as a real estate agent. Photo: Media Drum World / australscope

It has since gained a lot of male attention, with three-quarters of its population between the ages of 18 and 44 – some of the same age as Ainslee’s 23-year-old son.

While with her family, Ainslee said she turned heads and often caught women yelling at their husbands for looking in her direction.


“I get all kinds of reactions ranging from heads spinning to men slapping their friends on the shoulder,” Ainslee said.

“Men tend to stop and stare and I often catch women and girlfriends screaming or slapping their man for looking at me. I like the way I look and if a woman tells you that she doesn’t like attention, she is lying.

“I’m not the type to hide my strengths so even when I’m dating my husband the guys stop to flirt but it still makes the night fun for us – that’s for sure.”

USA Cam Girl 46

She bought herself a Porsche after all of her hard work. Photo: Media Drum World / australscope

When it comes to work, Ainslee admits there’s “not much” that she doesn’t like.

“I work from home and I do my own hours. Every day is different so it never gets boring or monotonous. I make a ton of money which is an added bonus, ”she said.

“The requests I receive are varied. I do everything from simple vanilla requests to role-playing games to fetishes. I try to keep an open mind.

“I think being a mom helps me deal with clients who just want to talk, because I’m a compassionate listener. “

Despite the undeniable attention, Ainslee’s son and husband Jeff are proud of the mother’s accomplishments.

“My family is very supportive of what I do. My job is my job, but first and foremost I am a mother and a wife.

“I always work hard to be a better person – by surrounding myself with the most positive people. I’m about to be halfway through my life – no one is promised time – and I want and need to have fun.

Reporting by Australscope

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