Cam girl dream leaves many women broken and disillusioned

While some get rich by being virtual girlfriends, many others get ripped off.

The relatively new niche of the live-on-camera porn industry is not the goose that lays the golden eggs that many artists expect, according to one exposed for the Guardian by self-proclaimed “bisexual cyber slutSofia Barrett-Ibarria. In reality, the women who edit the shows, known as “cam girls”, deal with demanding viewers, long hours, and managers who force them to perform increasingly humiliating stunts in front of the camera.

“The setup was basically showing up for 12-hour shifts, during which I had to be ready and filmed all the time,” Katlyn Carter, 27, told Barrett-Ibarria of her over two. years. “camming”, starting in a fetish model studio in 2014.

Carter’s full-time office job wasn’t paying the bills, and the Southern California studio gave him workspace and a 60% cut in the revenue audiences paid for his shows – and private shows. .

But the conditions were appalling: Management berated Carter for not accepting all of viewers’ requests, including those for vomiting and urination, and she quickly developed an eating disorder, began to drink heavily. excessive and generally felt isolated and exhausted.

“Camping took all of my emotional and physical energy and ended up straining all of my relationships,” she said, adding that it was far from a pleasant way to make money quickly, despite a little elite combing it. “There is no superior form of sex work, and I think it’s important to note that.”

She left after two months and went to another studio – which cut income by 70% – before quitting altogether.

Even for former cam girl Isa Mazzei, who for a time made $ 15,500 a month camming from home, the money and attention was not worth the harsh reality of the job.

“I started to feel like I had lost control of my digital identity”, Mazzei, now 28 years old and working in the cinema, told the Post in November of the decision to stop working with the camera. “I wanted to regain the feeling of acting on my own image.

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