Cam girl shares men’s weirdest requests – from mustard baths to giant roleplaying

A cam girl took TIC Tac to reveal some of the weirder fetish requests she’s received while making Only fans – and they include everything from food items to giant role-playing games.

Lola Mason aka. Mom Plugs revealed in a series of videos that she had received fetish requests during her time on cam and some of them she would advise against it.

The 26-year-old, who has worked in the sex trade for more than five years, claims to have received requests from men to pay baked beans on his face and bathe in mustard.

Although, in making this revelation, she seemed to regret bathing in the condiment, warning other cam girls to “don’t put mustard near your hooha, it burns”.

Lola Mason has been a camgirl for over five years but moved to OnlyFans during the pandemic.

In the video, she adds: “The second request I got was from a guy who likes a dominant woman but wanted me to be dominant via a sock puppet.

“He wanted me to make a sock puppet and yell at him in a sock puppet voice.

“The third one isn’t that weird, but I’m going to say it anyway because he paid for me to do a thirty minute camera show of myself napping. Good time.

“Number four is someone wanted me to pretend I was stuck under a bed for rescue – in fact, I got stuck under the bed.”

Mom plugs into TikTok
Mama Plugs reveals the strangest requests received on cam shows.

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She ended the video by revealing that someone wanted her to pose as a giant running around trying to stomp on them.

The creator, who currently has more than 62,000 subscribers on the app, has asked to leave comments for other requests.

In a previous exclusive with the Daily Star, Lola revealed the items she claimed on her tax return for business expenses.

The obscure list contained dildos, pushing machines, lubricants, and the total cost of the mustard it took to fill his tub.

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