Cam Star open to making a follow-up movie

Landed on Netflix in 2018, the horror film Cam became a fashionable experiment, as it explored the ways technology could be exploited and manipulated in terrifying ways, to the point of causing individuals to question their own reality. As if the overall narrative wasn’t disturbing enough, audiences praised star Madeline Brewer’s performance, as she was at the center of the ordeal and featured in nearly every image of the experience. From filmmakers Isa Mazzei and Daniel Goldhaber, the thriller has opened a number of doors for the duo, and given the unanswered questions presented in the film, Brewer recently noted that she would be interested in returning to this world to continue to build that story, although the major draw would be to collaborate with Mazzei and Goldhaber again. Brewer can currently be considered a guest star on Apple TV+ shiny girls.

“The experience I had on Cam was the most wonderful thing, I don’t even have words for it,” Brewer told I mean, me and these filmmakers, Isa Mazzei and Daniel Goldhaber, are forever linked because of this, and in a wonderful way. I would never close the door to make a Cam monitoring. I think it would be more those two who would be like, ‘No, we’re done, we’re moving on.’ And that was so much in Isa’s life, you know? It was very personal to her, but I mean, I’m almost constantly texting Daniel and going, ‘Okay, what do we do? What are we working on? When are we getting back together?'”

She continued: “I just saw him. He was on my birthday two weeks ago, and I think after a few White Claws, [asking him], ‘When are we making a movie?’ They are close friends and I adore them. I just want to be in their orbit, really. I’m so proud of them and I’m so in awe of them.”

Cam is described as “a technology-driven psychological thriller set in the world of webcam porn. It follows Alice (Brewer), an ambitious camgirl, who wakes up one day to find she’s been replaced on her show by a replica exact copy of herself. This copy begins to push the boundaries of Alice’s internet identity, the control Alice has over her life, and the men in it, vanishes. As she struggles to regaining what she lost, she finds herself slowly being brought back to her show and the mysterious person who took her place.”

shiny girls follows Kirby Mazrachi (Elisabeth Moss) as a Chicago newspaper archivist in the early 1990s, whose journalistic ambitions are put on hold after suffering a traumatic assault. When Kirby learns that a recent murder mirrors her own case, she teams up with seasoned but troubled reporter Dan Velazquez (Wagner Moura), to uncover the identity of her attacker. As they realize these cold cases are inextricably linked, their own personal traumas and Kirby’s blurry reality keep his attacker one step ahead. Along with Moss and Moura, the gripping drama stars Phillipa Soo as Jin-Sook, Amy Brenneman as Rachel, and Jamie Bell as Harper Curtis.

Brewer’s episode of shiny girls is now streaming on Apple TV+. Mazzei and Goldhaber are currently committed to developing a reimagining of faces of death.

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