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saturday 23 october Highball Halloween 2021Celebrate the costumes and creativity as the show moves to EXPRESS LIVE’s outdoor stage! Circa 2021. Fear Salon stylist Annah Davis is back with a better haute couture design for hair growth for the White Castle Costume Couture fashion show. Anna sat down and talked about her hairstyle inspiration. Why is she coming back to Highball Halloween and upcoming shows?..

Michelle: You’ve been a member of the Fear Salon team creating high fashion hairstyles for fashion shows and been a part of the makeup team for almost 10 years since Highball Halloween started. What do you like about coming back every year?
Anne: It’s great fun to collaborate with designers to improve the art of the whole collection. Our team includes large wigs with lights and moving parts, artwork by Van Gogh and Tim Burton, full face makeup inspired by the Disney movies, and clean smooth ponytails with classic cosmetic makeup. I like to see everything come together on stage. ..

Fear Salon stylist Anna Davis To create Amazing seam design for hair growth..

Michelle: How do you leverage your years of experience as a stylist when working with designers to create hairstyles and makeup looks that will help tell the story of a high fashion Halloween costume?
Anne: Being there every year and leading the Fear team in over half of it, working with designers is a great movement and flow. When meeting with designers, we offer wigs and hairpieces that can be made and decorated in advance. It may be a good idea to simplify the hairstyle and makeup to highlight the elements of the outfit. Since this is a stage show and not an editorial shoot, the details are usually bigger and more daring, the audience can see them, and how can the costumes lead to the story?

Michelle: Where are your inspiration for couture hairstyle?
Anne: Designers often bring a lot of photos and sketches from which to draw inspiration for hair and makeup. Every now and then we throw it all in and collaborate on something new inspired by paintings, buildings and landscapes.

Phía Salon stylist Annah Davis creates incredible couture design for hair growth..

Michelle: What is the process of creating a haute couture hairstyle or makeup?
Anne: There are experiences that take place where we try things out, using pre-fabricated elements. Sometimes you have to take some really weird action. I baked the wig in the oven, filled it with pillow foam, and wrapped it around the wire mesh. Like couture designers, we start where we know what we want to do, not where we think it will be possible. Once you’ve decided what you’re going to create, a team of stylists and makeup artists (and two freelancers) will be auditioned and placed on the production team as lead, support, assistants, or pre-builds.

Michelle: What can viewers expect from you and the Fear Salon team at Highball Halloween 2021?
Anne: There are sleek and cheeky looks, sleek and scary looks, and very structured pieces that make Victorian royalty jealous, but if you want to see them you have to get a ticket now! I’m excited about the new costume award that finally shows off hair and makeup.

Michelle: What’s the best thing about the Columbus art scene right now?
The best thing about the Columbus art scene today is how great it is. I started attending Gallery Hop in 1994! I have always been enlightened by the art of Columbus! From depth and complexity to the capricious and agile, I love the feeling of stepping into the artist’s world, escaping reality and feeling a deeper reality in the moment.

Highball Halloween 2021 Hosts Virginia West and NBC4’s Monica Day and Matt Barnes, as well as performances by local bands Mojo Flo, Virginia West & The West Family, Out of the Closet Public Costume Contest and White Castle Costume Couture Fashion Show. Available online.. For more information, please visit:

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