Comedian duo Gogglebox Guz and Jamali have been best friends for years

Guz and Jamali joined on the couch to react to TV for Celebrity Gogglebox 2022. They’re a new addition to Channel 4’s hilarious series, which sees stars sit back and relax for some well-deserved TV.

The comedians quickly became a fan favorite, from when the new season hit screens on June 10. Ever since, viewers have been wondering who they are and wondering how they became friends in the first place.

From their hilarious chat about an “old uncle” who hosted a TV show, to chatting on Bollywood channels, they bring that extra bit of comedy we’ve all been hoping for. Plus, we definitely recognize them…

(LR) Guz Khan and Jamali Maddix. Image: Channel 4

Meet Guz and Jamali from Gogglebox

Guz Khan and Jamali Maddix are both comedians. Previously they both appeared on Channel 4 Tyrant and are no strangers to the BBC Living at the Apollo standing show.

From the UK, Jamali, 31, is from Essex while Guz, 36, grew up in Coventry. They have often been confused with each other in the past, including when Jamali once appeared on Miami Camgirl Convention.

The pair have been friends for a while, but we only see a real glimpse of their connection on the show. Both come from the comedy industry, they make for a hilarious Friday night watching them react to TV shows and movies!

years of friendship

Guz and Jamali have shared their friendship publicly since 2019. Guz called it out on his Instagram after he was mistaken for him in a Channel 4 documentary in 2019, and they now appear on celebrity glasses box together.

Comedian Big Zuu revealed a year later, Guz and Jamali have “supported him for a while now” in 2020, before adding that they both feature on his show Big Zuu’s Big Dishes on Dave.

Then in 2021, Guz said in an interview with Channel 4 that a “companion of his” took part in the 11th season of Tyrant, which encouraged him to participate in the show himself. He said:

I’m very averse to looking awkward and doing awkward stuff. That’s where I come from. I’ll be honest, I like watching other people do it, but putting myself in this position? Absolutely not. But a friend of mine, Jamali Maddix, was in Series 11 and I thought it was time to play outside the comfort zone, so I was like, “You know what, maybe I should do it too.”

Photo by BBC/Comic Relief/Getty Images

Their previous television debuts

Guz Khan is known for his own TV show Man like Mobeen after being discovered for his comedy in 2014. This was after uploading his first video to Facebook before his first stage performance was in June of that year.

He was the comedy opener for Aamer Rahman at the Birmingham Repertory Theatre. Then, his second time on stage was at a comedy night at the Library of Birmingham BBC Asian Network organized for Comic Relief, with Citizen Khan.

Jamali appears to be a regular on the reboot of Never mind the Buzzcocks and won the Chortle Student Comedian of the Year award in 2014. He hosted a documentary series on extremism hate your neighbor with Vice two years later.

He is on tour from September to November this year for his show King Crud. Now a full-time comedian, he had been doing stand-up comedy for years, but decided to fully commit to it in 2016, according to Guardian.



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