Dacia boss: time has come for design team reshuffle

Dacia CEO Denis Le Vot paid tribute to former design director Miles Nurnberger, who left the company earlier this month after less than a year at the helm.

Although the announcement of Nurnberger’s departure from Dacia gave no details on the circumstances of this decision, Le Vot told Autocar: “I regret the departure of Miles. He was a good guy. He has personal reasons for wanting to leave, and we respect that.

Nurnberger came from Aston Martin to replace former Seat designer Alejandro Mesonero-Romanos, who himself only spent nine months in the role before leaving for Alfa Romeo. Long vice-president of Dacia design, David Durand has been promoted to head the team.

The Vot said: “It was disappointing to lose Alejandro and now Miles so quickly, but the changes are out of our control and David is an exceptional leader.

“These things happen. If I think about it, I think now might be the best time. Design work on the next Duster and Bigster is 99% complete, our branding changes are complete and we have some exciting ideas in development that have been developed or are in development. »

Talk to Autocar in September of last year Just days after taking office, British designer Nurnberger explained that a big motivation for joining Dacia was that he “wasn’t going somewhere to rehearse. It was something that evolved and moved and had momentum. in its trajectory.”

More recently, he hinted that his influence on the styling of future Dacia products would soon become evident, telling Autocar: “We now have the right brand mindset. This will naturally lead us to progress and make new design statements.”

However, he acknowledged that it would be “years” before a production car penned by him hits showrooms.

It’s not entirely clear why Nurnberger is now leaving Dacia, nor has the brand given an idea of ​​the extent of its impact on the business over the past nine months.

Laurens van den Acker, EVP design of the Renault group, owner of Dacia, said: “I look forward to working with David to meet the mobility challenges of tomorrow. His creativity, experience and sense of innovation are widely recognized, both within our management and in the automotive industry. I I also want to thank Miles for his contribution and his work with the teams.

There were no suggestions as to where Nurnberger might go next. During his 13 years at Aston Martin, he helped design the Valkyrie hypercar, the DB11 coupé and the DBX SUV.

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