Emblematic symbol of the Yoruba resistance, by Tola Adeniyi –

Much has been said and written about the crass, brutal, uncivilized, cowardly and malicious assault on Ibadan’s residence and the person of the globally acclaimed symbol of Yoruba resistance, Chief Sunday Adeyemo, known as Igboho. , on the night of July 1, 2021. Combined forces from the central government of Abuja, including a detachment from the army, the Department of State Services and alleged French-speaking mercenaries, allegedly stormed into Chief Adeyemo’s home. like armed robbers in the night and allegedly inflicted appalling terrorism and chaos on both premises. and all occupants of the house, including cats. Unarmed people were killed and several people were kidnapped.

It was in fact a dramatization of President Muhammadu Buhari’s earlier threat to “speak to” part of the country “in the language they understand”.

It was indeed and indeed the actualization of the aforementioned language of violence, terror and vandalism.

When news of the havoc broke, the whole world, thanks to social media, the digital age and news agencies across the globe, were shocked and amazed that such unprovoked and unmitigated brutality can be inflicted on a simple peaceful citizen in a country claimed to be under democratic dispensation and subject to the decencies of the rule of law and civilization.

Every country in the world is very familiar with the daily news and videos of the atrocities inflicted on innocent unarmed citizens of Nigeria by criminals of all shapes, colors and sizes and Buhari’s apparent failure to challenge, confront and eliminate these criminals. acting under the guise of religious extremism, cattle breeding, primitivity and intolerance.

Everyone is aware that Nigeria has functioned as two countries in one with laws and mores governing the northern core of the country and another set of discriminatory master servant laws in the south. All embassies in Nigeria, UN agencies as well as non-governmental institutions around the world are aware of UN classified terrorist organizations such as Boko Haram, Myetti Allah and the rampaging hordes of militias that have transformed the entire landscape of Nigeria. in slaughter. field.

The challenge of insecurity which has obviously engulfed the country is so serious that the President, his Minister of Defense and several Governors of the North of the country have challenged the harassed and frightened citizens of the country who are, daily, kidnapped, raped, mutilated. and massacred for self-help.

Chief Sunday Adeyemo, a very successful businessman who should enjoy his middle age with his family has been called out by the cries and suffering of his people, the Yoruba, who are under a credible threat of annihilation and have programmed a pogrom to rally people to the defense of their ancestral lands and their men, women and children subjected to an unprecedented unprovoked siege.

While this was happening, the central government openly deals with the criminals who kidnap and massacre Nigerians all over the country, especially in Katsina, Zamfara, Sokoto, Kebbi, Yobe, Plateau, Benue, Nassarawa, Kogi, Niger, Taraba and even Borno. , the epicenter of the insurgency in the country with kid gloves and even regularly sends envoys with big incitement to beg terrorists.

So it came as a brutal shock to most Nigerians and informed observers around the world that the central government, known to worship the insensitive and shameless god of double standards, sends heavily armed government agents to viciously attack Chief Sunday’s house. Adeyemo in the dead. of the night as AK-47 wielding marauders, kidnappers, murderers, heartless rapists, foreign militiamen and land grabbers roam the streets, highways, forests and farmland of other people with unprecedented and disconcerting impunity.

It was all the more despicable as Chief Adeyemo was not accused of any violation of international or local laws, he was never invited by the police, no search warrant was presented to him and no reason. to burst into its premises with such disrespect and contempt. . All he said, without harming anyone, was that the criminals killing his people and endangering the peace of the country should leave Yorubaland and stop the bloody killings.

Perhaps the central government needed to be told that without the immediate intervention and appeals of Yoruba elders and venerated traditional Yoruba institutions, the enraged and injured Yoruba youths of the 10 Yoruba states would have set the country on fire in protest and retaliation. Several Yoruba self-determination organizations and young people from Lagos to Lokoja, Itsekiris from the delta and surrounding areas and from Badagry to Kishi and Jebba were convinced to honor the sophisticated Yoruba civilization and refrain from responding in the same way. . Okun kii ho ruru ka wa ruru… one does not calm the turbulence of the sea with a turbulent paddle….

Chef Sunday Adeyemo should not be seen as a “lost youth”. At 50, Adeyemo, perhaps a grandfather, is an accomplished elder in his own right. While it is true that Adeyemo is a very humble and respectful individual, imbued with the most decent and noble philosophy of Omoluwabi, he is certainly not a “child”. Our irreplaceable, inimitable and incomparable Sage of all time, the Honorable Chief Obafemi Awolowo achieved all of his remarkable and extraordinary achievements before turning 50 in 1959. General Dr. Yakubu Gowon ruled Nigeria from the age of 32 while Murtala Muhammed did wonders before he was 38. Yes, Chief Richard Akinjide was federal minister in that same country at 27.

Let no one be under the illusion that Chief Sunday Igboho has been abandoned by his people. And no one should continue to harass and attack him for raising awareness and mobilizing his people to defend themselves and their ancestral lands, as recommended by the Minister of Defense of Buhari and most of the governors of the Nigerian states. The relative peace currently enjoyed by the Yoruba Oba, Yoruba Institutions and citizens of the Yoruba nation can be attributed to Igboho’s heroic efforts to embolden his people and his assurances that he was willing to sacrifice his life so that his children , grandchildren and several unborn generations would not be driven from their ancestral lands and would never be slaves or a conquered people in their own country.

Chief Adeyemo is loved, respected, admired and trusted by his people both at home and in the Diaspora, although most elders, the government-employed Intelligentsia, government contractors and trade barons and industry in Nigeria do not speak in the harassed Nigerian media. and in the market place.

Chief Sunday Adeyemo is just a heroic messenger from his people. If for some reason someone does not like their message or the tone of the delivery, please spare the Courier. Chief Sunday Adeyemo, aka Igboho Ooosa, is today the undisputed symbol of Yoruba resistance and enjoys the support of the 65 million Yoruba on the borders of Nigeria as well as the more than 250 million Yoruba around the globe.

These threats and intimidation must stop. The shameless abuse and misuse of transitional power and position must end. No one on a horse stays on the horse forever. Nothing lasts forever, not even Life!

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