Former Pornhub employee reports illegal activity found

A former director of Pornhub recently sent a letter to Canada’s Ethics Board denouncing the traffic of webcam girls on their website.

Charlie Angus of the Timmins – James Bay, Ontario NDP read the letter to Canada’s Ethics Committee.

“I fear for my safety… but please investigate all camgirl sites operated by MindGeek. I’m sure many of these so-called models are being held captive in trafficking situations all over the world,” Angus reads from the former employee. letter.

The former manager remains anonymous because he was concerned about the potential negative repercussions of the disclosure of this information.

“For example, women trying to escape North Korea will be held captive and forced into camera studios in China by their trafficker who they believe will help them out. This story is being repeated around the world. “

Earlier, during the hearing before the Ethics Committee of Canada, the executives of MindGeek, the parent company of Pornhub, David Marmorstein Tassillo and Feras Antoon were questioned. The woman who testified was from the United States and her content posted without her consent was posted when she was in grade 7.

“MindGeek denies any responsibility by separating from the camgirl studios. Instead, these companies are run as affiliate relationships, but MindGeek makes a lot of money with these women, held against their will.”

The employee encourages the authorities to ask MindGeek for their financial records for inbound and outbound transactions. This is proof of their illegal activity, according to the former employee.

“It will be clear that the scope of the problem is much larger than anyone on the ethics committee or in the mainstream media currently realizes.”

Exodus Cry, a Missouri organization that tries to end human trafficking, recently posted the whole thing on its Facebook page. They said: “As the Canadian Ethics Board concludes its investigation into the crimes of Pornhub / MindGeek, we look forward to them boldly calling for a full criminal investigation by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police to ensure that this platform- predatory form can be closed. ”

Recently, more than 70 MPs and Senators signed a letter asking the RCMP to open a full investigation into Pornhub and any human trafficking they are part of.

On April 8, 2021, there was a briefing from the US Congress to expose Pornhub, however, details have yet to be released on this.

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