Furniture and Home Decor Technology Pioneer Expands State-of-the-Art Platform

Using Coohom’s kitchen and bathroom features, users can expect easy-to-use design software that allows them to design custom cabinetry and cabinetry, work on project designs within a frame 3D and render high quality HD resolution images in one minute at the click of a button.

Coohom seeks to bring some of its most innovative aspects to the industry, introducing features unlike other offerings into the kitchen and bathroom design space. Some of its game changers include an AI design feature that uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to generate a complete model, from layout to decoration to styling, a powerful feature. that allows anyone from hobbyist homeowners to professional kitchen and bathroom designers to create jaw-dropping designs in seconds. Coohom is also completely web-based, eliminating the need for cumbersome installations and allowing users to connect and start designing anywhere they have access to the web.

To date, Coohom has over 8 million users worldwide and has already introduced its kitchen and bathroom features to businesses in Asia; having become the virtual industry standard, Coohom Kitchen and Bath in Asia generates hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue per year.

“For years, our furniture retailing customers in the United States, Europe and beyond have seen for themselves how Coohom is transforming the way they do business, ”said Cook Liao, Director of Coohom,“ we are eager to take the next step in introducing the world of cooking and dining. bathroom in Coohom. “

Coohom says its new kitchen and bathroom-centric offerings will automatically be integrated into their platform for immediate use with existing accounts, along with one-on-one customer support and constant updates.

For more information visit Coohom official website.


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