Haddonfield Quaker community decorates with pictures of peace after hate symbols were painted on trees

Hateful images were painted on trees in Haddonfield over the weekend.

Quakers have long been known as pacifists, but said they couldn’t remain silent after swastikas were painted on trees in the South Jersey City.

Police say vandals painted two of the hateful symbols on trees at the entrance to Friends of Haddonfield Cemetery, which sits between the Quaker meeting house and Friends’ school.

Third-grader Sophia Selina saw the hate symbols and spoke to FOX 29’s JoAnn Pileggi.

“It was awful,” she said. “I couldn’t believe my eyes and I don’t know why anyone would do that.”

Residents wonder if the incident was random or a deliberate act.

The Department of Public Works covered the hateful symbols with paint and police are investigating.

Members of the Friends Meeting House decorated the fence and placed love and peace signs where the hate symbols were covered.

They hope to spread the message that love and peace will prevail over hate.

Haddonfield Mayor Colleen Bianco Bezich released a statement on the incident, saying, “I am disgusted by the swastikas and grateful to our Haddonfield Police Department and Public Works Department for responding, reporting and worked to clean up these signs. Hate and bigotry have no home in Haddonfield, whether anti-Semitism or any other type. As Passover is only two weeks away, it is important to stand in solidarity with members of our Jewish community and denounce your symbols.

Members of the Friends Meeting House have decorated trees near a cemetery in Haddonfield with images of peace after hateful symbols were painted on trees in the area.





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