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Hisar: The Indian Patent Office has granted a design patent for a pedal-operated maize hulling machine developed at Chaudhary Charan Singh Haryana Agricultural University (CCSHAU).
Vice-Chancellor BR Kamboj said the design is simple and was developed and manufactured by Vijay K Singh and MK Garg in association with Vinay Kumar from the university’s food processing and engineering department.
Amarjeet Kalra, dean of the College of Agricultural Engineering and Technology, said the machine’s husking efficiency (99.25%) and cleaned output grain (98.45%) are the highest. In addition, its repair and maintenance cost is also much lower.
Ravi Gupta, head of the food processing and engineering department, said that the hulling capacity of the pedal huller is between 55 and 60 kg per hectare, almost four times that of manual hulling.
“In India, corn is an important crop after rice and wheat. Many farmers grow maize, but most of them cannot afford some of the imported threshers. They have to resort to manual threshing equipment, which results in low efficiency, wasted grain and is more labor-intensive. This machine, made from locally available materials, could be an affordable alternative for farmers, ”added the VC.

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