How did Chandrababu get the cycle symbol?

An analysis of the darkest event in Andhra Pradesh’s political past is needed. Yes this is the infamous incident of chandrababu naidu backstabbing ntr to take party name and symbol. Technically, how is that even conceivable? Many claim that the lobbying was done behind closed doors using unethical methods, such as sensual delights to attract certain court influences. However, no specific information was available about what had happened.

Telugu people find it more intriguing that CBN got the name and party symbol of ntr behind their back without their knowledge due to the latest episode of shiv sena. The dispute between uddhav Thackarey and Shinde over the name and symbol of the shiv sena party is well known. The Supreme Court ordered the Election Commission to investigate this. The uddhav and shinde groupings were forced by the ce to ignore the shiv sena, the current party, and to submit separate requests for new symbols.

Here it is important to point out that Narendra Modi, the Indian President, supports Shinde. However, nothing continued to work in his favor. How could Chandrababu get the party name and emblem in 1995 if the judiciary and the EC could be so strong? Also, the central government was not supporting the CBN at the time. Moreover, the government of the day, Congress, was a fierce enemy of the TDP.

But even so, he was able to manipulate the systems somehow to achieve his goals. This is the biggest secret the country should be aware of. This should be the subject of a case study, and the specialists should offer technical advice. What unfair methods did CBN use to accomplish the task? Not everything that happens in a democracy should be kept secret.

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