How to Watch Olivia Attwood: Getting Dirty Rich

Former Love Island contestant Olivia Attwood’s latest series: Getting Filthy Rich uncovers the world of selling sexual content online

Olivia Attwood’s new documentary, Getting Filthy Rich, has raised eyebrows after its release on ITV2.

The four-part series explores the world of selling sexual content on the OnlyFans subscription platform, the UK porn industry, cam girls and sugar babies.

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Hosted by the former Love Island star, she dives deep into this underworld, telling the intimate stories of artists and exploring whether there’s a darker side to “getting filthy rich”.

Attwood is even getting into it herself, starting an OnlyFans and starring in a fully clothed cameo in an adult film.

Here’s everything you need to know about who Attwood is and how you can watch his new ITV documentary.

Who is Olivia Attwood?

Attwood is a 31-year-old reality TV star from Surrey.

Olivia Attwood is a reality TV star known for her roles in Love Island, Celebs Dating and The Only Way Is Essex (Pic: Getty Images)

The former model and motorsport grid girl, found fame on Love Island in 2017.

Prior to entering the villa, she described herself as quite naughty and having an immature sense of humor.

After reaching the final, Attwood and partner Chris Hughes finished third.

The pair then starred in their own spin-off show, Chris & Olivia: Crackin’ On.

Attwood also appeared on Celebs Go Dating and joined the cast of The Only Way is Essex (Towie) in 2019.

She split from Hughes in 2018 and is currently engaged to Blackburn Rovers footballer Bradley Dack.

What is she doing?

Attwood is known for her roles in reality television.

The former Love Island star has built an impressive portfolio, with appearances on Towie, Celebs Go Dating and even having her own spinoff show.

His latest role, presenting the ITV documentary Getting Filthy Rich is a new venture for Attwood, who has never hosted a serious documentary before.

The ITV series will uncover the reality of selling sexual content online and the rise of content platforms like OnlyFans.

Speaking to the Radio Times about the role, she explained that she was: “nervous, to say the least”.

Attwood commented on how her experience in reality television has helped her connect with interviewees.

She said: “I think a lot of girls felt like they already knew me, so it’s almost like she’s not a complete stranger.

“They kind of felt like they could talk to me on a girl-on-girl level rather than maybe your more traditional documentaries [which] may seem a little colder, maybe a little more distance between the interviewer and the subject.”

When can I watch the ITV documentary Getting Filthy Rich?

You can watch Olivia Atwood: Getting Filthy Rich on ITV2 and ITV Hub.

Olivia Atwood presents the new ITV documentary Getting Filthy Rich broadcast on ITV2 (Pic: ITV)

The four-part series will feature intimate interviews and follow the real lives of people producing content for OnlyFans, the porn industry and sugar babies.

The first episode, which covered the OnlyFans subscription platform and the second episode which examined the porn industry, have already aired and are available to stream.

The third episode will see Olivia dive into the world of Camgirls and Aires on Tuesday July 19 on ITV2 at 10 p.m.

What is it about?

ITV has given a synopsis of the new series, which is hosted by the former Love Island star.

It explores how the sex industry entered the mainstream after the Covid-19 lockdowns.

Attwood explains, “A few years ago, the idea that many ordinary women would soon be making a living selling sexual content online might have seemed a bit extraordinary.

“Now it’s becoming mainstream and some of the money made would be huge. I’m absolutely fascinated to find out what it’s like for the people involved and to step into that world to reveal it all.

Attwood explores subscription sites including OnlyFans, which has over 100 million users worldwide, the UK porn industry and talks with camgirls.

In this series, she will meet artists who earn huge sums of money, including Bonnie, who can earn up to £250,000 in just one month.

Attwood will explore if she can make money off of her own content and investigate if there’s a darker side to “getting filthy rich.”

Is there a trailer?

Yes, ITV released a trailer for Olivia Atwood: Getting Filthy Rich.

How can I watch the ITV documentary Olivia Atwood: Getting Filthy Rich?

Olivia Atwood: Getting Filthy Rich is available to watch on both ITV2 and ITV Hub.

Each episode lasts one hour and airs between 10 p.m. and 11 p.m.

The episodes will be available to stream on ITV Hub once they air on ITV 2.

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