India hands over ITFH, symbol of friendly relations, to Tajikistan

A full-fledged 50-bed hospital, the India-Tajikistan Friendship Hospital (ITFH), has been officially handed over to the government of the Central Asian country, Tajikistan.

This hospital which was renovated by India under a memorandum of understanding between the two countries in 2013 has been providing valuable medical services free of charge to the armed forces and the civilian population of this country for almost eight years. This free medical service is possible with the financial assistance and technical support from the Government of India.

On Saturday, India’s Ambassador to Tajikistan Viraj Singh handed over the ITFH to Tajikistan’s Deputy Defense Minister, Major General Shohiyon Abdusottor.

The hospital which was handed over to the Tajik side today is fully equipped with all medical equipment, support equipment, stores, medicines, X-ray machines, operation theatre, care ambulances intensive and administrative vehicles.

What medical facilities are provided at the ITFH?

A wide range of medical facilities including medicine, paediatrics, ENT, surgery, gynecology and dental treatment.

A team of Indian Army doctors and medical personnel over the years, 100,000 patients have been supported by this hospital and nearly 2,000 surgeries in the past two years. And Indian Army medics also played an important role in training local Tajik doctors and medical personnel. India has sent around 42 tonnes of ‘made in India’ medicine to the ITFH.

Others from India

India has sent more medical support to the Central Asian country in other forms. This includes, through UNICEF, 2 million doses of oral polio vaccine in 2010 following the polio outbreak in southwestern Tajikistan.

Then in 2018, 10 ambulances were donated by the Indian government to various parts of Tajikistan and this was followed by 50,000 HCQ tablets and 100,000 Paracetamol tablets in Tajikistan in 2020 following the global COVID-19 pandemic .

In addition, nearly 700,000 Covishield “Made in India” vaccines were supplied to Tajikistan in 2021.

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