Is the French film streaming online?

There’s nothing more romantic than a love story in Paris, but add four people to the mix and it all gets complicated. Paris, 13th arrondissement tells the story of four young adults as they navigate love, their sexualities and their identities. Adapted from Adrian Tominegraphic novel kill and diethe film is directed by two-time BAFTA winner Jacques Audiard (The brothers sisters, Dheepan). Premiered at the 2021 Cannes Film Festival, the film was then screened at numerous French film festivals around the world.

The film features Emilie (Lucia Zhang), Camille (Makita Samba), Norah (Noemie Merlant) and Amber (Jenny Beth). Émilie is looking for a roommate when Camille responds to her ad. Expecting a woman, and meeting a man instead, she decides to accept his candidacy. Very quickly, the couple becomes sexually involved, although this is disrupted when their communication begins to fail. Becoming a very complicated living situation, Camille decides to leave the apartment, forcing Emilie to wallow in her grief. Meanwhile, Nora is a mature (but only in her 30s) college student who, at a night out with her peers, is misidentified as a famous camgirl. Although it is a lie, she is kicked out of her studies and finds solace in forming a friendship with the same camgirl she was mistaken for. The film is above all a story of people. Watching four individuals with very different personalities is intriguing. Throughout the film, audiences find themselves becoming more and more emotionally invested in their motives and how their stories are intertwined.


The screenplay was co-written with Celine Sciamma, who also wrote and directed Portrait of a lady on firea film that Noémie Merlant also starred in. A testament to love in the age of technology and fast-paced intimacy, Paris, 13th arrondissement is a film that tackles the most intimate moments of relationships, juxtaposed with the most existential questions we ask ourselves.

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The first trailer was released ten months ago, with another released later by IFCFilms. Mainly featuring Émilie and Camille, the trailer is a wonderful snapshot of what the film has to offer. Showcasing fragments of their relationship as it blossoms and falls apart, audiences already feel a connection to the two characters. Although the film is driven solely by the characters in terms of plot, the cinematography is jaw-dropping.

captured in black and white, the film’s technique not only allows the audience to see the characters in their rawest form, but the filming itself also captures some of the finest architectural elements of a more industrial Paris. Although it is implied, the trailer also displays an entirely French-speaking cast. Adding a layer of authenticity to the film, the language is not only beautiful to listen to but also juxtaposes wonderfully with the character of Emilie, who also speaks Mandarin to her family. Signifying the diversity of Paris, the language differences were a refreshing change of pace.

Is Paris 13th still in cinemas?

The film was released in theaters on April 15, 2022. Although airing for a limited time, it may still be available at your local cinema.

Is Paris, 13th Arrondissement Streaming Online?

The film will stream on Amazon Prime Video from Tuesday, May 31, 2022. With a total running time of 105 minutes, the film is also rated R. There is strong sexual content, graphic nudity, coarse language and a some drug use.

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More movies and series like Paris, 13th arrondissement you can watch now

It’s hard to categorize Paris, 13th arrondissement in an isolated category because it is a combination of young love, discovery of sexual identity and connection in a world full of technology. While this could describe many movies, it’s harder to tell similar movies apart. That said, below is a list of movies and TV series that look like Paris, 13th arrondissement in some form.

normal people is a series that premiered on Hulu in April 2020, adapted from the book of the same name written by Sally Rooney. The publication of the book caused a mass frenzy, especially for millennials. Qualified as a contemporary book for all young people, it features two characters, a bit like Emilie and Camille, who despite an emotional and physical bond, lack communication about their feelings. The series looks like Paris, 13th arrondissement in that it is also sexually explicit, grappling with the emotions of loneliness and anxiety, and features characters moving in and out of each other’s lives. The series is still available to stream on Hulu.

Released in 2012, Frances Ha is a black-and-white comedy-drama about a young woman in New York City as she tackles whatever life throws at her. Directed by Noah Baumbach and written by Greta Gerwig and Baumbach, Gerwig also stars as the title character, a dancer in her late twenties. A little like Paris, 13th arrondissement, it’s the characters that drive the film forward, building on crumbling relationships and connections that are written into an equally comedic and existential storyline. Mainly shot in New York and Sacramento, parts of the film also take place in Paris. Featuring many Parisian landmarks more famous than Paris, 13th arrondissement, the cinematography captures a city that encapsulates love with a person who basically feels alone. You can now watch Frances Ha on the Criterion channel.

The third recommendation, which people may not think of, is tick, tick… BOOM! Featuring Andrew Garfield and directed and written by Lin-Manuel Mirandathe film is the playwright’s autobiographical musical Jonathan Larson. Moving on to writing Lease, Larson was the embodiment of a young man trying to find his place in the world. The film discusses building relationships and trying to maintain them, as well as the existential crisis that comes with discovering your purpose and being unable to evolve it, all common occurrences among young adults. It is these themes that resemble Paris, 13th arrondissement and do tick, tick… BOOM! a worthy watch after watching the French film. tick, tick… BOOM! is available to stream on Netflix.


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