Letter to the Editor: Considering a Better Design for the Midcoast Bridge

I read with interest about the new group that has emerged to support the efforts of the Maine Department of Transportation to replace the Frank J Wood Bridge connecting Topsham and Brunswick (“A new group emerges in the debate on replacing the Frank J. Wood Bridge ”, August 9.).

A massive span is planned to replace the green bridge that served the communities. Unfortunately, the replacement lacks beauty and architectural merit. This for $ 35 million. Critics in other cities would call it a boondoggle.

It seems to me that for this money, we could build something memorable. If we’re going to be spending a lot of money, then let’s build something awesome, something to write mom about.

Build a cable-stayed bridge with two towers, big cables sticking out from the peaks, and colorful spotlights, like a smaller version of Boston’s Zakim Bunker Hill Memorial Bridge. As you see on Boston TV channels. If you want to get grand, do it.

If you want to bury the civil engineering achievements of previous generations, build something better, not something trivial, so that future generations will remember us.

Steve lindsey
Keene, New Hampshire

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