Logan Paul thinks Andrew Tate will become useless by 2023

Disagreeing with his brother Jake Paul’s take on Andrew Tate’s social media ban, Logan Paul called out the controversial figure for his anti-woman rhetoric in the podcast’s latest episode IMPULSIVE. The maverick opened up about his past willingness to fight Tate and how he passed up his chance because he didn’t want to highlight the former kickboxer and his opinions.

Fully supporting the ban, Brother Paul thought it was a good thing social media platforms had done and said Andrew Tate would become useless by 2023.

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Tate was recently banned from all major social media platforms including TikTok and YouTube. The domino effect of subsequent bans began when Meta banned the disputed character from Facebook and Instagram on August 20, 2022. The BBC reported that a spokesperson for Meta cited a breach of its terms and services relating to “organizations and Dangerous Individuals” for suspension.

Logan Paul talks about Andrew Tate in episode 341 of IMPULSIVE podcast

Logan Paul went against his brother’s initial claims about Tate’s ban when he previously spoke about it on a podcast. Jake had, in a way, given Tate a platform by posting his “last post” on his Twitter. It was an hour-long video of the disgraced internet personality trying to defend his actions.

I don’t ride with Andrew Tate. May KO his ass in the ring someday soon. But I ride with freedom of expression. Andrew Tate talks about the ban: freetopg.com

However, Logan had none of that. He explained to his fellow podcasters that Twitter, Instagram and other social media giants were right to ban someone who has already influenced so many people to start behaving badly towards women. He urged other content creators not to let Tate speak on their platforms:

“You want to give him another opportunity to speak and go through his program because, believe it or not, the shit that Andrew Tate is saying will have a much more dangerous ripple effect than you might imagine because his story is really hateful.”

Mike Mijlak, the podcast’s other host, added another crucial point. He basically said that Tate was a hypocrite who wanted men to embrace hyper-masculinity, but made most of his money exploiting gullible men through his cam model business:

“He has no family. He has no wife… He made the majority of his money through management and OnlyFans camgirl casinos. The downfall of the traditionalist man… How can -you preach a return to traditionalism and conservatism when your whole platform and your whole net worth is based on the same things you preach against.”

After agreeing with Mijlak’s thoughts, Logan Paul gave his final opinions on Andrew Tate:

“If everything he said about everything he believes in is true. Then he won’t. So from now on my statement stands, the one I made on your vlog. What d “By 2023, he’ll hopefully be irrelevant. And… Yeah no, fuck him. Damn. I’m glad he’s gone.”


Logan Paul’s anti-Andrew Tate statements have drawn many mixed reactions on social media. Both have huge fanbases due to their internet popularity, and both had fans on their favorite party side as they took to Twitter or YouTube to speak out:

YouTube comments on the clip (Image via IMPAULSIVE/YouTube)
YouTube comments on the clip (Image via IMPAULSIVE/YouTube)

Logan Paul said he doesn’t think Andrew Tate deserves to be mentioned on anyone’s podcast or to do a boxing event with and I agree 100%

Logan paul is so funny he talks about not giving andrew tate another chance and his negative influence on young people is so IRONY 😂😂 https://t.co/nhVhjp3ihM

Logan Paul understanding that fighting Andrew Tate only gives him a bigger platform and stepping away from the fight shows how much this guy has grown. He has a lot more to do, I’m sure. But it’s a wonderful gesture.

The only thing that finally made sense coming out of Logan Paul’s mouth is what he had to say about Andrew Tate on his podcast like yes some common sense finally

If even Logan Paul hates Andrew Tate, that should be a big wake-up call for everyone

Logan Paul joins a list of streamers and internet personalities who have clashed over Andrew Tate for some time now. Adin Ross, Sneako, and a few others have consistently shown their willingness to host Tate, while other Twitch personalities such as HasanAbi and Pokimane have spoken out against his ideology.

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