Meet the new scam that promises a coffee maker as a prize

WhatsApp is the leading instant messaging application with over 2 billion users worldwide. It is used by criminals to commit fraud.

Through a series of messages Criminals promise their victims they can win a Nespresso coffee machine in exchange for a survey Since they have to answer some questions, they have to do it through a link that they have to access.

As part of payroll, people It must include your personal data, which is the real target of criminalsbecause the person will not receive a prize at any time.

The scam also involves that once a poll is completed, people have to share it a number of times among their personal contacts.

According to the Spanish National Cybersecurity Institute Once you enter the link provided by the criminals, a scam website is opened The Nespresso brand logo and an image of the alleged coffee machine may be displayed, which the victim may get after answering the questions.

After completing the survey, a message will appear indicating that the person has 3 chances to win a pot of coffee, so he must choose from 9 boxes that will appear on the screen.

Once you select one of them, the page warns that the user failed and should try again. After making the second attempt, it shows a message telling them that the person is the winner and to claim the prize they must share the contest link with other people.

Later Another questionnaire must be completed, in which the victim can receive an alleged prize of approximately $1,000. In this case, they ask the person to enter their personal data in a second web form.

Although it has not yet been possible to identify those responsible for this new fraud scheme, it is known that The data obtained through this system can then be marketed on the Internet. They can also be used to carry out targeted attacks that provide access to victims’ bank accounts.

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