Moon Knight Costume Designer Explains How Oscar Isaac’s Legacy Influenced Jake Lockley’s Look

Moon Knight costume designer Meghan Kasperlik has broken down the symbolism hidden in Jake Lockley’s collar, which was heavily inspired by Oscar Isaac’s Guatemalan heritage.

Moon Knight Episode 6 gave us a subtle introduction to Marc Spector’s third identity, Jake Lockley. In the comics, Jake is a serious taxi driver with underworld ties. In the episode’s final scene, Arthur Harrow, now with Ammit trapped inside him, is released from Sienkiewicz Mental Hospital and driven in a limo by a mysterious man wearing a newsboy cap. Harrow warns Khonshu, who is sitting inside the limo, that he and Ammit cannot be killed. Khonshu dismisses this and briefly explains Marc Spector’s troubled nature before saying, “This is my friend, Jake Lockley.”

“Time to lose,” Jake said in Spanish before shooting Harrow in the head.

In the scene, light shines on Jake’s collar, which appears to have an intricate and deliberate pattern. Kasperlike explained the design via instagram saying she knew the reveal needed to get the public’s attention and that she wanted Jake to have a “similar comic book figure, with details to be discussed”.

“It was discussed that Jake would give his lines in Spanish,” she said. “Since Oscar is Guatemalan and gave a performance like no other, I wanted to add a detail of his heritage to honor [him]. “

Kasperlik took symbols from the Mayan calendar to incorporate dates that are important to both Isaac and the MCU and mixed them with ancient Egyptian symbols to create a design that showcases “Khonshu’s hold on these characters”.

The Egyptian symbol for Khonshu, the Mayan calendar date of the first Marvel issue where Moon Knight appears, the Mayan calendar symbol for Isaac’s birthday and the birthday of Isaac’s real-life brother and acting double Michael Hernandez , are incorporated into the intricate design of Jake’s collar. as well as many ancient Egyptian symbols used throughout the show.

Kasperlik also said Metro that she hid the symbolism in Layla’s costume at the mental hospital that would foreshadow her transformation into Scarlet Scarab. The intricacy of the costumes is just one of the many incredible details in Moon Knight that make the show quite a special work of art.

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