MP Angad Singh uses his ‘autorickshaw’ symbol for country rides: The Tribune India

Tribune press service

Deepkamal Kaur

Nawanshahr, February 7

Congressman Nawanshahr and a major transporter, Angad Singh, these days travel by autorickshaw around the city. Contesting as an independent after being denied a party ticket, he chose an autorickshaw as his symbol and uses it as a prop to associate it with himself and popularize it with his constituents.

The 31-year-old lawmaker says he’s enjoying the rides for a change. “Autorickshaw owners and city drivers are also appeased as I hire them daily for my election coverage,” says Angad, who is the owner of Rs 19.3 crore assets, as he provided in his affidavit.

Angad has set up a new story to link to its symbol: “Sometimes parents get angry with their child and take away their vehicle. Even my car (which indirectly implies his ticket to Congress) was confiscated. So in this situation, what means do I have to get around? It’s a rickshaw and so I use Aam Aadmi’s vehicle”.

He tells his constituents: “We are in a win-win situation presenting ourselves as independent. We don’t see a clear mandate coming this time. So we will be able to make a good deal. We will go with the party which provides development work worth Rs 500 crore per year for Nawanshahr constituency. This will involve development worth Rs2,500 crore in five years and our region will surely become prosperous. I know it’s a gamble but it’s not a bad option. Let’s all try this and I urge you to support me.

Today, Angad also took another step forward. It has partnered with CPI(M). As the party had not presented its candidate, the State Secretary General, Sukhwinder S Sekhon, assured him of his party’s support. Angad claims to have gained an advantage of more than 5000 votes with this decision.

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