Nazi symbols graffiti on Mississippi signs – locals react

Residents of Lincoln County, Mississippi, were shocked to find Nazi symbols painted on stop signs and walls in their neighborhoods on Wednesday, according to a report from a Mississippi news site. “It’s terrible, this kind of thing has to stop,” a woman told the news site. Another woman called it “pure hatred” and that “people shouldn’t do that sort of thing.” the world’s population which is white, according to research by the Anti-Defamation League. SS bolts are also associated with white supremacy, which comes from “Schutzstaffel”, a symbol of the Nazi era. The Lincoln Country Sheriff said he was not aware of any activity in the region related to neo-Nazism, although a Neo-Confederate organization and a neo-Nazi group have been detected in the state of Mississippi. , but none near Lincoln County. Vandalism of stop signs is a felony under state Code 65-7-23, which states that “anyone who willfully tampers with a traffic control sign will be guilty of a misdemeanor and, in the event of conviction, will be responsible for the actual cost of repairs replacing the sign. Moreover, those who commit such an act could also be fined a few hundred dollars or even jail. If the criminal is under the age of 18, his parents are responsible for covering the cost or repairing the sign.

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