Netflix’s Brazen is barely an episode of Castle without any charm

We meet a handful of potential murderers as Grace and Ed investigate Kathleen’s death. Maybe Kathleen’s ruthless, well-connected husband is behind it all? Or could it be someone who works at the cam site where Kathleen told her clients how nasty they were? Maybe it was someone at her day job who recognized Kathleen and became unhealthily obsessed with her?

You’ll probably spend enough time watching the movie to know that, but it certainly won’t be due to the run-of-the-mill direction, script, or performances. It’ll be for the same reason you sit through any mundane procedural nonsense when it’s the only thing that will scratch a lazy itch and, if nothing else, Cheeky is about enough background noise to be suitable for use.

Even if you’re an enthusiastic fan of procedural tariffs, anything that might raise Cheeky to the rank of a standard in two parts of Chateau or his ilk is noticeably absent here. It’s neither charming nor funny, and there’s a precious little on-screen chemistry between Milano and Page for you to support them as a burgeoning couple. During this time, Billions Star Malachi Weir, who exudes more screen presence than anyone else in the film put together, is completely lost as Ed’s exhausted partner Ben.

The most you get from this toothless, sex worker exploitative nonsense will be a bad taste in your mouth because of the brilliance of the way it deals with its subject matter, although I can imagine a lot of people will play on it Cheeky after browsing Netflix’s latest random deals.

Hell, it will probably do them just fine. We might even get a series of sequels following Grace as she hands down the kind of psychological treats any of us could whip up on any given day with the most limited knowledge of murder-mystery plots possible. Will I watch them? Absoutely. Am I wishing I hadn’t? Absoutely.

Cheeky is streaming on Netflix now.

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