New 2023 Cube Litening spotted with lighter frame design

What appears to be Cube Litening C:68 2023 was spotted at the Critérium du Dauphine. The new bike looks set to combine low weight with aero tube shapes and is used for the classic Tour de France warm-up.

Cube is set to release a lightweight and aero racing bike ahead of the 2022 Tour de France. The new Litening model has gone under the knife, losing a significant amount of depth from its tube shapes, especially around the neck area. saddle tube.

The Intermarche-Wanty team mechanics were building the new bikes ahead of the Criterium du Dauphine and we got to take a really close look, thanks to some of the new unpainted frames.

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The main difference seems to be that Cube designers removed a lot of material around the top tube/seat tube/seat stay junction, leaving a much cleaner and less angular design.

2022 Dauphine Cube Litening - 21

The previously rather thick head tube has also been slimmed down and while the old model had a fork crown near the top of the front tire, the new model appears to have been raised slightly.

2022 Dauphine Cube Litening - 13

As with nearly all road racing bikes these days, the front end shows not a single cable, everything entering the frame via the upper headset bearing.

2022 Dauphine Cube Litening - 6

A quick look at the seat tube of the bike confirms that it is a new model, although the code “Cube-LI23” does not yet appear on the list of UCI approved frames. . Framesets are sometimes approved but not added to the list until the model is released to the public. Other bikes we spotted were marked with a “prototype” sticker.

Until we have more details from Cube, there is little that can be confirmed as to how much weight was lost or if the new bike is faster.

2022 Dauphine Cube Litening - 02

The Intermarche-Wanty team bike is built with the latest Dura-Ace Di2 12-speed, although the power meter cranksets on these bikes are the older 11-speed model.

A CeramicSpeed ​​OSPW system offers a small reduction in drivetrain drag while the wheels are supplied, with extra-large decals, by Newmen.

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