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The new Logo Maker Scholarship, established by global online marketplace Fiverr, is open to current high school seniors, business school students, undergraduate and graduate students who identify as female and reside in the United States. .
“The inspiration behind this was to give college-aged women with a talent and passion for design the opportunity to try their hand at creating a logo for a small business, an opportunity to join Logo Maker and to earn passive income, and/or the chance to win a scholarship,” said Fiverr Social Impact Manager Michelle Baltrusitis.
According to the 2021 Deeper in Debt report from the American Association of University Women (AAUW), women’s student debt is on average 9.6% higher than men’s, and they take about two years longer to repay these loans. only men.
The fellowship is named after Fiverr Logo Maker, an advanced automated logo creation tool launched two years ago. It makes it easier for small businesses to get premium and custom logos. Each template is created by a professional designer and business owners can easily customize the templates to suit their brand needs. Technology allows companies to obtain quality logos quickly and inexpensively.
According to Baltrusitis, the company wants “as many women who excel in the arts to have the opportunity to pursue a design education and embark on a successful career.”
“Driven by their commitment to creating unique, high-quality designs, our logo designers find inspiration and support from fellow designers through a dedicated active community. All finalists will receive mentorship to help them design the type of logos that Fiverr customers are looking for,” Baltrusitis continued.
The competition consists of three rounds, with each round featuring two different women-owned businesses in need of logos. They all work with the Women’s Center for Entrepreneurship (WCEC) in New Jersey.
To apply for the scholarship, interested students must choose one of the two women-owned businesses presented for the specific cycle, create three different logos that describe its name and purpose, and explain how each of their logos represents the business. chosen.
In the first round, the top two companies are My Desi Tattva and NV Creations.

Self-portrait of Anne Valenta, founder of NV Creations.
Anne Valenta, founder of NV Creations

My Desi Tattva sells home decorations, accessories and party supplies such as gifts and decorations. All handicrafts and handmade items are sourced from female artists from underprivileged backgrounds in India. NV Creations creates unique bandanas and tote bags made in the USA. Their designs are hand-drawn and based on plants from different parts of the country.
Anne Valenta launched NV Creations in the early summer of this year, but the idea began last year during a camping trip in Colorado. “I couldn’t bring myself to buy Rocky Mountain souvenirs that weren’t made in America,” she said.

Some bandanas designed by Anne Valenta for her company, NV Creations.
Some bandanas designed by Anne Valenta for her company, NV Creations. Anne Valenta, founder of NV Creations

She began sketching and photographing flora on her trip, and designed bandanas and other merchandise she hoped to give to travelers as a souvenir of the region they were visiting. Back home, she added plants from her herb garden as well as other items that she illustrated and offered for sale.
She was introduced to Fiverr’s Logo Maker Fellowship through WCEC’s Women’s Business Center. As a female entrepreneur, she turned to WCEC to help her start a small business in New Jersey.
“I would like my logo to capture the beauty of the exterior and the hand-illustrated quality of the merchandise I design. As customers, I hope they can be inspired by my logo to appreciate and notice the natural beauty that surrounds them and of course purchase my designs!” she continued.
Valenta believes that women are the backbone of our society and are often overlooked and underestimated.
“By adopting a logo designed by a woman, I will, in a small way, help empower female designers and create a sense of accomplishment that increases their self-confidence. Every time I use the logo, it will represent a success for the designer and my small business,” she said.
Fiverr will select five finalists in each round. The top two finalists will win $5,000 in scholarships. This will give them the opportunity to earn passive income by uploading their logo designs. Additionally, the 15 finalists will earn an invitation to join Fiverr’s exclusive Logo Maker platform, which can be found here:
Students can apply for any or all three cycles. The deadlines for the three rounds are next year on January 31, April 30 and June 30. Interested female students can apply here:

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