Overwatch fans’ new skin design turns Mercy into a vampire


With the launch of Spooky Season, a Twitter user designed a new Halloween Terror skin for Mercy. / Photo courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment

Speculation is rampant over the new Halloween skin designs that Overwatch’s annual Halloween Terror event will bring, with an announcement seemingly imminent. Many have presented their own concepts and demands of what heroes should receive a revamp.

One fan designed a new Halloween-themed skin for Mercy, taking matters into their own hands and turning their concept into reality. Twitter user Sunshxvine presented her “Vampire Queen Mercy” design to the Overwatch world on Monday, September 27.

Other Overwatch fans were quick to praise the design, heading to the comments section with words of encouragement and praise, expressing their desire for this fan art to become real skin. Some fans even thought the concept was real, expressing confusion that the design was just fan art.

Mercy’s wings, staff, and blaster perfectly capture the theme of Overwatch’s Halloween Terror event, adopting a bloody and spooky theme. The design is intimidating and transforms unique elements of Mercy’s design to suit the theme or her skin. For example, by transforming her halo into a crown and her healing staff into a sovereign’s staff, Sunshxvine succeeds in transforming Mercy into a “vampire queen”.

Mercy isn’t the only character who deserves a new design this year, check out the 5 heroes who deserve a new skin in Halloween Terror 2021.

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