People’s Revolution Symbol Peter Obi Says Ex-Rep Ogene

Former Vice President, Media and Public Affairs, House of Representatives, Hon. Victor Afam Ogene, described Labor Party presidential candidate Peter Obi as “a symbol of people’s revolution geared towards the enthronement of a new Nigeria”.

In a statement commemorating former Governor Obi’s 61st birthday, Hon. Ogene prayed for the wisdom to allow the flag bearer of the Labor Party to lead the coming “revolution” peacefully.

“It is with great pleasure that we join the ever-growing mass of supporters of Mr. Peter Obi, former Governor of Anambra State and Labor Party presidential candidate in the 2023 presidential election, for the congratulate on his 61st birthday.

“Like a goldfish that cannot be hidden, despite your modest lifestyle, you have become a shining light and a model of determined leadership, whose track record has propelled our dear country, Nigeria, to the fore.

“So to speak, I dare say there seems to be a derivative demand for the life of Peter Obi, having been chosen by the people of Nigeria to lead the peaceful ‘revolution’ to retake their country from an inconsiderate elite.

“Your record of service in Anambra State, as Governor, so to speak, remain stark reminders of your ability to lift our dear country, Nigeria, out of the doldrums of misfortune and depression, in which the successive bad rulers have plunged it.

“Indeed, the widespread support from young and old reflects the aspirations of the electorate to give you their votes to enable you to replicate good governance at the national level.

“We are therefore using this media to reaffirm our support and confidence in the Obi/Datti project, knowing that Nigerians will experience a new lease of life when you take the reins of power in 2023.

“We also celebrate a political juggernaut and advocate for the masses, Senator Victor Umeh, on the landmark occasion of his 60th birthday.

“As a reliable ally of former Governor Obi – with whom he shares the same date of birth – Chief Umeh’s stay in politics so far has left no doubt that he is a man of political victories.

“That fact is further reinforced in his decision to join the Labor Party and work with the Obi/Datti team to forge a partnership that would ultimately free our dear country from the current strangulation of political buccaneers.

“On this occasion of Chief Umeh’s Diamond Jubilee, we celebrate him as a reliable, loyal and steadfast fighter, who fought tenaciously to reclaim Peter Obi’s tenure as Governor of Anambra.

“May Almighty God continue to preserve you both, for more years of service to the country,” said the Hon. Ogene, who is also the Labor Party candidate for the House of Representatives for the federal constituency of Ogbaru in Anambra State, said.

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