Rent The Runway presents a new design collective

Rent the Runway (RTR) presents limited editions from new designers. Atlein, Ronny Kobo, Marina Moscone and Toccin will participate in this race.

Top designers are expected to partner with Rent the Runway each season. The designs will be available for a limited time. Management expects to reflect industry trends. It’s called RTR Design Collective and started in 2018.

The new group joins existing design collectives that include Jason Wu, Prabal Gurung, Thakoon and Drexel Lam, among others. Members of the Design Collective design the clothes, Rent the Runway handles the manufacturing and marketing. At the first RTR Design Collective in 2018, Lam Wu and Gurung were in high demand as new designers. Over the years, new designers have joined the collective and today Rent the Runway has 20 designer-partners.

As RTR expanded the program, the company sought out what the designers were known for and tried to meet customer demand. Each of the designers designs between 10 and 15 models per season as part of a long-term collaboration. These new designs will be doubly exposed through their own line and the RTR Design Collective.

RTR customers want to rent is different from when they want to buy. When she wants to rent, she often wants more colors and prints. RTR will show him the type of impressions that are well received and those that are not. “Our success is based on color, we have the hems and necklines that our customers gravitate to,” said Sarah Tam, Merchandising Director of Rent The Runway.

Brands receive a percentage of each unit produced by RTR and, in addition, RTR pays designers a share of the revenue. After a few months, if demand for the item may slow down, the Collective will work to maximize the longevity of the item by adjusting the price.

The RTR Design Collective produces outerwear, knitwear, dresses and pants. Some brands, like Moscone, will produce dressier items. Each of the designers works on a collection for six to nine months. It is important to note that customers are experimenting all the time. For example, Martina Moscone offers luxurious fabrics while wife and husband team Tocci Collectives offers garments with sleeves, sequins and prints.

Marina Moscone produces her designs in Italy and New York, but the RTR Design Collective is designed by her, and then RTR works with manufacturing partners to produce the garments.

POST SCRIPTUM : Rent The Runway has seen many changes, but the focus on customer service with the latest trends and new wearable designs makes this e-commerce business very exciting. The company was funded by Jennifer Hyman (CEO) and Jenny Fleiss of Harvard Business School in 2008. The stock went public in October 2021 and has only five physical stores in New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Washington D.C. and Chicago. Since the pandemic, the company has exercised restraint in its human resources in order to be quickly profitable. Its sales volume has surged and we may soon see a profitable future.

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