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Bank of Kigali Group Plc (BK) has gifted cows to the former Bishop of the Catholic Diocese of Byumba, Servilien Nzakamwita and the newly consecrated Bishop Papias Musengamana as a symbol of the partnership between the Bank and the Diocese.

Bishop Musengamana was installed as the new Bishop of the Diocese of Byumba on Saturday, May 14, replacing Bishop Emeritus Nzakamwita who served this diocese for 26 years.

David Bizura, the Regional Commercial Manager of BK highlighted the reasons why they offered the cows to the two main clergymen;

“It’s a sign of the strong partnership we have with the diocese. They have been our customers for so long,” he said.

Besides being good customers, he pointed out that the diocese is a strong partner for BK, and all of the ministries working in the diocese, including schools and various parish banks with BK.

“We value and appreciate their partnership as well as their long-standing collaboration and most importantly, they are also participating in the development of the country in which we are also participating,” he added.

Newly consecrated Bishop Papias Musengamana of the Diocese of Byumba. / Courtesy

Bizura further explains that it is in this line that they recognize as well as encourage and motivate them to continue their partnership with BK.

He added that the former Bishop has done additional activities in various sectors with Bk and also urges Musengamana to keep a strong society with BK.

Commenting on the reason for giving them cows of all gifts, he said that in Rwandan culture cow is not just any gift and cannot be given to anyone, it symbolizes value, preciousness and affiliation, among others.

Musengimana’s installation was presided over by Cardinal Antoine Kambanda, the Archbishop of Kigali Diocese while the main guest was Prime Minister Edouard Ngirente.

All speakers praised Nzakamwita for building a strong diocese from scratch in 1996 when he took over, and was specifically recognized for his closeness to young people.

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