The best Pokemon designs in Pokemon Cafe Remix

In Pokemon Cafe Remix, you’ll be tasked with running your own cafe with the help of Leah and Eevee. Although your team of two may seem small at first, with the help of creative menu items, a group of design-savvy Timburrs, and your amazing puzzle abilities, you’ll be able to expand your cafe and wait staff. in no time.

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New Pokémon will become interested in visiting your cafe after adding a specific meal or drink to the menu. Once you have befriended them, they will be happy to help you. The Pokémon that appear in Cafe Remix each have a happy and adorable new look that matches the calm atmosphere of this puzzle game. Here are some of our favorite redesigns you can find while working in your cafe.


10/10 Not a Pikachu, it’s a Mimikyu!

Mimikyu is a Ghost/Fairy-type Pokémon whose original design combines fear with kindness. In Alola, Mimikyu was found in the abandoned Thrifty Megamart, a place where dining options were likely limited.

In Pokemon Cafe Remix, Mimikyu can order all the snacks and drinks he wants. Plus, they can bring smiles to people’s faces by helping out! Mimikyu’s new design allows Pokémon to lose their terrifying side and become utterly adorable. While they’re working, even their Pikachu costume gets a little coffee hat and tie! You have to wonder though, can Mimikyu see anything through his suit with that tie on the way?

9/10 No need to wear clothes!

There is no need to avoid Bewear when you see them walking around. Sure, Bewear is a dangerous Pokemon from the Alola region that can accidentally (or deliberately) crush your spine, but in Pokemon Cafe Remix all this Normal/Fighting type wants is for you to enjoy your drinks. and enjoy the cafe atmosphere.

Cafe Remix’s rendition of Bewear somehow makes this dangerous Pokemon even more cuddly. From their more rounded body and bigger paw pads to their pink blush and little hat, this Bewear looks like the kind of Pokemon that would choose to help you take that perfect shot of your meal instead of fighting you.

8/10 A turtle? No, it’s Squirtle!

Squirtle is a Water-type Pokémon native to Kanto, whose appearance in Pokemon Cafe Remix is ​​sure to put a smile on everyone’s face. Watch how happy they are when they level up!

This Squirtle design depicts the Pokemon with bigger eyes, a rounder head, and an even bigger smile. They are deliciously sweet and will do their best to help you prepare the tastiest meals on small plates. Be sure to upgrade them and use them in puzzles involving onions, popcorn, olives or ketchup!

7/10 Best bulb, Bulbasaur!

Bulbasaur is a Grass/Poison type starter Pokémon. They are small, green and ready to help wherever they can. Pokemon Cafe Remix’s Bulbasaur design gives this Pokemon a bigger bulb, bigger eyes, and a bigger mouth.

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Because of these traits, this Kanto starter looks like he’s fired up, ready for any challenge, and happy to be here. Who could feel sad seeing that big toothy smile? Bulbasaur also gets a cafe uniform once it joins your team, and there’s something about how oddly small its hat sits on its head that makes this Pokemon even cuter.

6/10 Pause time for Lucario

Whether in Sinnoh or Super Smash Brothers, Lucario is always working. They are also never seen without their aura of seriousness. But in Pokemon Cafe Remix, Lucario has the option to take a break. Finally, they can relax and enjoy a Dugtrio Sandwich Trio order in peace.

Look how happy they are while eating! And, having recruited them, they will dutifully help you in the cafe. Plus, their overall Cafe Remix design makes them less likely to blow you up and more likely to befriend you.

5/10 Hey you! It’s Pikachu!

There’s no denying that Pokemon Cafe Remix’s take on Pikachu is delightfully endearing. This famous Electric-type Pokémon has been stealing hearts since its debut in the Kanto region. In fact, Pikachu is so famous that they have both a starter and a dessert inspired by them in the cafe! But those meals are nothing compared to the Pikachu deciding to attend you.

Cafe Remix’s Pikachu has a circular head (it’s almost a perfect circle), two round, glowing eyes, two flushed cheeks, and a small smile that captures Pikachu’s playfulness. While there’s no denying they’re Pikachu, Cafe Remix’s version of the Electric Mouse offers a certain uniqueness that Pikachus lacks in other Pokemon games.

4/10 Rise And Shine, it’s Snorlax time!

Can you imagine the lazy Snorlax taking the time to help out and serve drinks in a cafe? Well, this iteration of Snorlax does just that! While it’s undeniable that this Normal-type’s design is similar to its original appearance, this Snorlax looks pleasantly content to be able to pitch in and help out.

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Plus, don’t they look great in their uniform? That cafe hat and apron look really good on them! With Snorlax on your team, you’ll be able to collect every sugar cube, tomato, and egg on the puzzle board in no time.

3/10 The prize for the best tree goes to… Torterra!

Torterra is the final evolution of the original Grass/Ground-type Turtwig. Torterra is big. They have a tree growing on their back. They can crush you with their big tree-trunk legs and they weigh over six hundred pounds.

That’s why it’s both hilarious and adorable to see them wearing little coffee hats and helping create desserts like Fluffy Eevee Pancakes. The Torterra design in Pokemon Cafe Remix gives us a softer, less fierce Pokemon. They even have a little pink blush on their cheeks, like they’re a little nervous to help!

2/10 Example of the cutest Pokemon? It must be Yamper!

Even before their Pokemon Cafe Remix design was released, Yamper was already a cute and fluffy Pokemon. Found in the Galar region, this cheerful electric guy might give Pikachu a run for his money in terms of cuteness. And in Cafe Remix, they look excited to join the team. Even the sparkles in their big puppy eyes have somehow grown!

Cafe Remix’s version of Yamper also somehow made this Pokemon even rounder and more cuddly. Yamper is so friendly that they even created a special dish after them!

1/10 Is it a Mew?

Mew is a Mythic Psychic-type Pokémon that will appear in your cafe when you least expect it. Curious about what you’re up to, Mew will do her best to aid you in your confusing cafe meal-making practices, before disappearing.

Mew’s Cafe Remix design somehow makes them even more mysterious and playful than their original design. Maybe it’s the way they float lazily from place to place, never touching the ground, or maybe it’s the interested look in their wide eyes. Either way, you’ll be sure to have no trouble solving puzzles with Mew by your side.

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