The Ghostbusters logo makes for the cutest cherry pie you’ll ever see!

For years I’ve been asking loud and clear that the Ghostbusters logo should adorn more food products, and let me be clear, I’m not talking about the franchise used to push licensed marshmallows or Hi-C Ecto Cooler, but the real food, either shaped or fashioned to look like the famous no-ghost logo.

While I raved about the lack of a themed waffle iron or toaster, both of which could be used to cook consumable incarnations of the show’s mascot, a talented baker recently took the initiative to give the logo these are just desserts.

Chef Brent Jacobson, whose Instagram page reassures us that “It’s OK to play with your food,” is the mind behind the two tasty creations we’re featuring, the first placing the logo on a delicious cherry pie!

Although much like the logo, the overall design was kept simple, we had to give this one some functionality, as I can’t spot a single flaw in the execution. It’s easily recognizable, the pie looks delicious, and the use of marshmallows creates the kind of atmosphere I want to live in.

Not to stop there, Jacobson, who concocted these creations to celebrate last year Ghostbusters: Afterlifealso gave us an adorable but charred Mini-Puft!

The torso is made up of the gooest s’more I’ve ever seen, along with a detailed white molded chocolate face.

For more creations, follow Brent Jacobson on Instagram.

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