‘The Gray Man’ Makes Massive Netflix Debut

Since Netflix just announced a sequel and a spin-off a few hours ago, this news is not very surprising. But now it’s official: The gray man is the best movie on the streaming service.

Globally, Netflix users watched 88.5 million hours of the film last week. The film was among the top ten films on Netflix in 93 different countries, including Austria, Panama, Luxembourg, Egypt, Kenya, South Korea, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Morocco and of course the United States. Of these 93 countries, it was the No. 1 film in 84 different countries.

Given its strong debut – and the fact that the film was only available from Friday and not even all week – it seems that The gray man stands a very good chance of making it onto Netflix’s “Most Popular Movies” list, which includes movies that have been watched the most hours in their first 28 days on the service. Number 10 on the list is currently Mark Wahlberg’s thriller Spenser Confidential with 197.3 million hours.

The Gray Man (2022). Ryan Gosling as Six. cr. Paul Abell/Netflix © 2022

As impressive as 88 million hours is, and as much as Netflix is ​​confident enough in the movie to launch an entire franchise of gray man projects, it’s not the biggest debut for a movie ever on the service. Last year the movie Caper red notice starring Dwayne Johnson, Ryan Reynolds and Gal Gadot debuted with 148 million hours in its first weekend on the service, and landed at the top of this “most popular movies” list with 364 million hours viewed by Netflix subscribers during its first month of release. The gray man would have to have incredible word-of-mouth to reach those kinds of numbers.

Here is the current list of Netflix’s most popular movies:

The most popular movies on Netflix

These are the ten most popular movies (in English), based on hours watched in their first 28 days on Netflix. (Numbers are from the official Netflix site.)

Earlier today, Netflix confirmed that a sequel is coming starring Ryan Gosling and directed by Joe and Anthony Russo. They are also working on an undisclosed spin-off film set in The gray man universe.

The best horror movies on Netflix

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