“The Lost Symbol” Episode 4 Review: Robert Langdon Becomes Friendly In The Middle Of The Capstone Hunt

Spoilers for ‘The Lost Symbol’ Episode 4 ‘L’Enfant Orientation’

“The Lost Symbol” continues to impress, and with each episode it firmly cements the fact that mystery drama is better as a series rather than a movie. Character development has been one of the highlights, and Ashley Zukerman’s Robert Langdon becomes relatable and likable through the episode. “The Child Orientation” sees him making serious progress as the main character as the Capstone hunt becomes intense.

There’s a bit of Indiana Jones as Langdon, after researching the location of the pyramid, exorcises his demons as he manages to freely descend a quarry to find the most important piece of the puzzle. It’s up to each character their own in the episode as Katherine Solomon (Valorie Curry) uses her knowledge of noetic sciences to infer her father’s location. And we still stick to our claim that Rick Gonzalez who plays Nunez is pretty much the ultimate character.


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There are fewer Mal’akh (Beau Knapp) because he still intends to put Peter Solomon (Eddie Izzard) in a sufficiently desperate situation. Inoue Sato (Sumalee Montano) is working with Katherine and also making progress in finding out who killed Zachary. Unlike the third episode which saw a major death, it is more of a scavenger hunt in this chapter. At 44 minutes, the crisp storyline makes it an airy affair. Any romantic angle between Katherine and Langdon will have to wait as there is a subtle teasing, but disappears as quickly as it seems.

“The Lost Symbol” certainly improves with the episode and in its attempt to keep audiences hooked, especially the section that read the book, it puts all the attention on the characters. Katherine’s childhood and relationship is revealed and turns out to be better than her brother Zachary’s. He is the rebel, she is the genius. He’s the cheeky one, he’s the guy you’d be proud to call your daughter. Her noetic science storylines are interesting because they add an extra layer to her character rather than making her a brooding and upset girl.

With six episodes, expect the next couple to be pretty slow, but for now, this one is intriguing and worth a look.

‘The Lost Symbol’ airs Thursdays on Peacock.

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