The new vegan logo of the FSSAI was produced in 20 minutes, here is the young spirit who conceptualized it

After the head of the Department of Nutrition and Dietetics at Mount Carmel College in Vasanthnagara in Bangalore asked students to conceptualize a logo to brand vegan food, a 22-year-old student took just 20 minutes and came up with a design. which was quickly adopted by the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI). The logo will now be used on all vegan foods.

Speaking to, Kruti Manish Rathore, a second year master’s student in the Department of Nutrition and Dietetics at Mount Carmel College said: for a logo for vegan foods. Since the logo had to be simple so that consumers can understand what product they are buying, I designed a logo in green color with the letter “V” inscribed in the middle of a square box with a small plant above it and vegan written at the bottom so people won’t confuse it with the letter “Y”.

Kruti, originally from Gujarat, is currently in Bengaluru for his studies and followed his father’s suggestions when designing the logo. “The logo simply suggests that the product is of plant origin. It took me 20 minutes to design it and since I am a student of nutrition and dietetics I know about veganism (vegan diet) and I was able to imagine the logo, ”Kruti said.

On Monday, the FSSAI launched the logo to help consumers easily identify and differentiate items from non-vegan products.

“I’m really happy and it’s a great thing for me that the FSSAI has selected the logo that I designed and which will be used in all vegan products,” she said thanking Sangeeta Pandey, Associate Professor and head of the nutrition and dietetics department. , Mount Carmel College, and Sr. Arpana, director of the college.

Kruti said she chose to pursue a master’s degree in nutrition and dietetics to become a public health nutritionist to improve people’s nutritional habits. Kruti has not yet received the FSSAI certificate for its logo design.

On Monday, via a Twitter post, Union Health Minister Mansukh Mandaviya introduced the logo and said: “@FSSAIIndia has launched a logo for vegan foods to help consumers identify and easily differentiate from non-vegan foods. This will allow people to make informed food choices.

The FSSAI already has logos for vegetarian and non-vegetarian products, which are dots of green and brown color respectively.

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