This adaptable furniture system uses a modular design to allow you to customize your storage and aesthetic

We bring home new furniture and office accessories all the time and as our rooms fill up, the less storage space we have for new furniture. As we live in our homes, we want to buy furniture and appliances to make our daily life more efficient, but the more things we buy, the less space we have to actually live. Together with Illumika, a team of Moscow-based designers created Furnicloud, a furniture system that helps declutter busy living spaces with a modular, vertical design.

Furnicloud basically works as a system of aluminum rods that can be configured to attach different container modules and create more storage space. Consisting mainly of boxes with lids and doors, the rods can be placed vertically in different shapes so that the boxes can be fixed and filled. The boxes supplied with Furnicloud come with drawers, doors and shelves to optimize their storage capacities. In addition to storage boxes, Furnicloud includes mirrors, lights, sheds and other accessory-sized storage containers that can be strewn from the aluminum rods, stabilizing the furniture system as a whole. Constructed entirely from aluminum, Furnicloud is available in different shades, layers and finishes, ensuring that each furniture system can be customized for each given living space.

As we move towards a more modernist, if not futuristic future, the design world is taking inspiration from industrial and even brutalist design elements. Furnicloud carries an aluminum finish to suit any living space and the durable and stable quality of the furniture system adds to its industrial appeal.

Creator: Illumika

Furnicloud is built on a modular system made up of aluminum rods which carry different container modules.

The pedestal modules can be in the form of closed pedestals or with drawers and doors.

Each module easily mounts to the aluminum rods using a simple locking and screwing method.

The connection between the rods and the boxes is transparent.

Furnicloud is also equipped with magnetized modules that can hold your keys and smaller accessories.

Small storage plates fill the rod system with tiny storage options.

Made of aluminum, Furnicloud is available in a range of different finishes and layers.

Furnicloud can be customized for any living space.

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