This clever tissue box design looks like a floating iceberg

Sometimes it can be harder to imagine the potential of something mundane than to envision something totally new. It takes a keen eye and a vivid imagination to, say, look at a box of tissues and see a floating iceberg. This is exactly what the Japanese artist Michuru did, and the result is stunning.

Michuru is known on Twitter for his clever designs that elevate everyday objects to optical illusions. In this case, the arctic blue translucent box shows the white tissues inside. When pulled across the top, it looks remarkably like a geometric iceberg suspended in the water, the crumpled fabric reminiscent of the rough boulders of ice. On the side, a small polar bear on a patch of ice completes the illusion.

There was a range of reactions to the design, from “so cute!” to those who liken it to a metaphor for global warming: “When the fabric wears out, no more ice. Dead polar bear. Unlike a real iceberg, you can see what’s below the surface, and other reviewers have noted the convenience of being able to see when you’re low on tissues. Many ask when it will be available for purchase. Right now, like many of Michuru’s designs, the case is a computer-rendered concept and isn’t purchasable yet, and there’s no news as to when (or if) it might be. However, you can stay up to date with all of Michuru’s latest product developments and designs, on the creator’s site. Twitter.

This clever tissue box, from Japanese designer Michuru, incorporates the tissues themselves, making each new look like a floating iceberg.

Tissue box designed to look like an iceberg

The translucent blue box not only looks like the Arctic Ocean, but it also lets you see how many tissues you have left.

Iceberg tissue box with polar bearMichuru: Twitter
h/t: [grape]

All images via Michuru.

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