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A new style of time capsule was filled in on Tuesday as Brantford marked its 145th anniversary as an incorporated city.

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The sealable interior cabinet mounted in City Hall’s Heritage Hall – the area that was once the long lobby of the Old Post Office – was filled with memorabilia, artwork and a letter from the mayor Kevin Davis to the city’s future mayor in 2042.

“It’s a way for one generation to send a message to the next generation,” Davis said, noting that the large container will be opened on May 31, 2042, and completed by then-city leaders.

“This not only marks an important occasion for us as a community, but is also designed to send a message about what was special and important to us and what we hope they will achieve over the next 20 years.”

The works of three young students were chosen to reflect the things that sparked passion among young people.

Sophia Lee, 10, and Kianna Kara Angel Hess, 13, painted parts of the Grand River, with Sophia showing the trail system and Angel including a strip of Carolinian forest.

Yashveer Kayal depicted the Brantford Public Library in a collage that represented diversity, equality and inclusivity

When asked to explain what inspired him, seven-year-old Yashveer cleared his throat and said, “I have a few words.”

He told the assembled crowd that he loved the library.

City spokeswoman Maria Visocchi said she expects the enthusiastic young performer to be behind the podium when the time capsule opens in 20 years.

Other items in the capsule included an Every Child Matters orange t-shirt, a city-produced video called My Brantford that features residents talking about what makes the city special, a 2022 City of Brantford calendar, the current Discover Brantford guide and some of the ribbon cut at the official opening of the new city hall in September 2021 and the parchment read by the town crier that day.

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There were also photos of the teams of city staff and city assets and a copy of Tuesday’s exhibitor sealed.

The Mayor told the gathering that a time capsule was a fitting way to acknowledge the historical significance of the 107-year-old building, which once housed Brantford’s iconic post office, and to highlight the fact that it will last for decades.

“I am truly proud that the building’s long-standing historic legacy of public service continues.”

Davis noted that town crier David McKee also celebrated a remarkable birthday this month as 30 years ago he was named the town’s official town crier.

In surprise, a line of town criers from across Ontario marched with their partners, each giving shouts that reflected McKee’s work over the decades.

The mayor improvised his own resounding shout, inviting everyone to leave the room and gather elsewhere for refreshments.

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