Tiranga becomes a cultural symbol in JK: Andrabi

“Kashmir has rightly responded to those who claimed that if the exploratory discriminatory constitutional provisions were removed from J&K, there would be no one to fly the tricolor here.
Now Tiranga is slowly becoming the culture of J&K,” Dr Darakhshan Andrabi said after unfurling the national flag at Sidhra in Jammu tawi today. to see India progress under the Modi regime like never before and emerge as a significant world power. “Keeping pace with the National Development Index, J&K is for the first time embarking on the path of ‘self-reliance’ under the current government led by Lieutenant Governor. Peace, progress and development are the titles of J&K’s growth story,” Darakhshan said. She said that on the one hand, when the people of the country take part in the celebrations of the Republic Day, we have many political parties who otherwise go on a rant about the spirit of the constitution in the debates. nowhere seen celebrating our national events. Such hypocrites within J&K and throughout the country are now facing enormous resistance from the nation. “Patriotism is the driving force of any country and when the people saw the nationalists like the BJP who run the country, all other politicians who compromise national security and national welfare for the vote banks have a bleak future in India,” the BJP leader said. She said that J&K has come out of the sentimentalist and exploitative politics of the dynasts and now the national flag is unfurling in the hearts of the majority of the people. She said that now the young of Kashmir are free to fly the national flag anywhere, while previous restrictions on such movements from the respective governments were routine.
“Over the past year, historic initiatives have been taken by the J&K government and the central government led by Prime Minister Shri Modi Ji to liberate J&K from corruption, land grabbing, violent mafia and give to this blessed land the right to development and peace after seven years. decades,” said Darakhan Andrabi. She said we were lucky to be born in India as it is the only country in the world that treats all of humanity as one family without any discrimination. Dr. Andrabi handed out sweets to security personnel after the event.

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