Top 10 Most Exciting Horror Titles Streaming On Netflix, June 2022

Netflix is ​​warming up for the summer.

After surviving one of the most depressing winters on record, June has emerged as a welcome FWB in the DMs. And I’m not complaining. So it’s a good thing that our pals at Netflix have a scorching selection of scary movies and series that are 100% clownish. Demonic sexual infections of It follows to the sexy nightclub adventures of Killer: Solsticethere’s no shortage of exciting tracks ready to stream from the world’s biggest streamer.

First on our list of the most thrilling horror movies available to stream on Netflix is It follows, an ultimate cornucopia of sex and horror. This is the only movie on the following list where excitement is a real antagonist. This gives a whole new reason to fear STIs. Released in 2014, It follows is about a young woman who is constantly being chased by a monstrous entity that has become attached to her after a sexual encounter…and the only way to get past it is to have sex with someone else. Maika Monroe delivers a powerful performance in this undeniable 2010s horror classic. Say what you will about It followsbut this Disasterpiece score absolutely slaps.

Arriving hard for second place is Cam, a 2018 horror film written by Isa Mazzei that is inspired by her personal experience as a camgirl. Madeline Brewer delivers a pitch-perfect performance as Alice (aka Lola) and there’s no denying that this indie title delivers on every level. A subversive exploration of sex work, bodily autonomy and grotesque horror, Cam is a must for found footage fans. This title premiered at the ever-iconic Fantasia International Film Festival before it was acquired by Netflix, so give it a try.

For those interested in a little more queer excitement, the third season of the horror anthology series slasher will do. Killer: Solstice is about a gorgeous bisexual named Kit who gets into some pretty stiff trouble. This season of the cult classic series is as bizarre as it gets, and there’s plenty of sex to be had. It also doesn’t shy away from outrageous gore and heightened drama. If you’re sleeping on this show, I’d say it’s time to wake up. The fourth season even sees an appearance from the one and only David Cronenberg.

Here are the top ten most thrilling horror titles available to stream on Netflix:

  1. It follows
  2. Cam
  3. Raw
  4. Friday 13 (2009)
  5. Freddy vs. Jason
  6. Piercing
  7. 13 Ghosts
  8. seduced him
  9. Killer: Solstice
  10. New cherry flavor

Another hot and heavy title from the aforementioned list is the 2009 remake of Friday 13. And why not? Part of the thesis of these films is the repercussions of gender, ensuring that most entries in the franchise feature plenty of it. The remake is certainly no different. From the extremely brutal opening sequence to the intense third act, there’s plenty of excitement to be had. While it’s not exactly the healthiest alignment in sex and horror, there’s still definitely a fair amount of both on screen.

it follows 1024x535 - Top 10 Most Exciting Horror Titles Streaming On Netflix, June 2022
It follows

Finally, what do you think? Will you take the time to tune in with any of the above horror movies available to stream on Netflix? Let us know on Twitter via @DreadCentral. We’re always here to discuss all things exciting horror!

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