Vens Vanbelle creates a colorful office in Belgium

Colorful office design in Belgium “stands out from the crowd”

The new Heydays office building in Deinze, Belgium, is defined by its colorful approach, created by architects Vens Vanbelle

Color and pattern dominate the exhilarating architecture of this new workspace in the sleepy Flemish town of Deinze. Created by Belgian architecture studio Vens Vanbelle, the colorful office project, developed for coaching experts Heydays, was designed to ‘stand out from the crowd’, following the motto of the dynamic company.

As part of a busy road overlooking the local river, the Lys, the land featured an existing building, which the architects creatively reinvented as an abstract, square volume clad in a black checkered pattern and White. Closer to a sculpture or graphic art than a conventional workspace, the building is eye-catching and fun, conveying the ethics of its residents. “The new volume of the building also forms a buffer between the lively street side and nature at the back”, explain the architects.

Entering the interior reinforces the initial impression, revealing a perfectly colored interior. A long reception area with bright white and yellow squares in zigzag shapes immediately offers a touch of color. “This space is the heart of the building”, continue the architects. “Here, users interact and meet, and it is possible to soak up the different atmospheres of the plot and the building.

From there, meeting rooms, office space, common areas, and individual consultation rooms for client coaching sessions unfold, both on this floor and on the two upper levels. A calming, minimalist white staircase connects all floors. The interior is warm and welcoming, with vibrant hues balanced by more subtle tones, natural materials and soft furnishings to create a welcoming space. The design includes a red carpet and birch wood trim on the walls and ceiling, as well as large openings that frame the view of the river. A roof terrace allows more connections to the outdoors for employees and visitors.

“For many people, a workplace is a place where they spend more time than in their own home, so the pleasant and warm character is extremely important,” the design team concludes. This colorful new office achieves that feeling of warmth with aplomb, while at the same time creating a striking landmark for the city. §

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