[VIDEO] Near Miss Tornado at the North Dakota State Fair?

[VIDEO] Near Miss Tornado at the North Dakota State Fair?

Browsing through Facebook, I came across this amazing video. It captures the fear of the Friday night weather.

Looks like there’s a tornado forming behind the main stage at the North Dakota State Fair in Minot.

Look at this:

A woman named Donna Murschel-Helgeson shared this video on the “Weather in North Dakota” Facebook group. She gave me permission to share this video.

Kid Rock Canceled

In this video, you see people crowding around the stage in hope and anticipation for the Kid Rock concert that was to take place that night.

Of course, I’m sure you’ve heard that the Kid Rock concert has been canceled and tickets have been refunded due to bad weather. Although I know many were frustrated, maybe after seeing this it was the right decision…?

North Dakotans made national news

Our frustrations were heard across the country; our response to the cancellation made national headlines. Reports say people in the crowd were throwing beer at the stage and part of the venue was destroyed.

Pictured are news outlets in Detroit and even Atlanta reporting on this incident.

An interesting point

While some thought the decision to cancel the concert was justified, others argued that if it was such a concern, why didn’t they shut down everything else? Many people have commented on Facebook that the midway rides are still open and running.

I admit that is a good question.


Obviously, it didn’t turn into a tornado; if it was, I’m sure you would have heard of it. Many commented on the video that it was just earth kicked up by the storm, but I don’t know, it looks pretty disturbing to me.

Either way, if this had turned into a severe weather situation, it wouldn’t be ideal for everyone to be huddled together in one place with no way to seek shelter.

Missing children in North Dakota

Some of these cases go back a long way, but the families continue to search for leads.

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